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Van Halfling, Witch Hunter/Bounty Hunter/Assassin [METAL]


This figure, I just HAD to buy!!!!
I love Halflings, and have never seen one as wonderful and characteristic as this before.
The detail is phenomenal, despite its tiny size, and comes with a wonderful assortment of various weapons held in the right arm, making it one of the most versatile figures I've ever encountered.
The arms left over have already found use on other figures I have in my growing "Halfling World" collection.
There is an actual air of menace about the figure, when you look at it fully, with the hat pulled down over his - no doubt - beady eyes, his legs astride, one hand defiantly on hip, the other holding his chosen weapon at the ready.
The long trench coat is perfect, as is the Sam Browne belt and pouch (no doubt containing Garlic/silver cross/Holy water and spare bolts) on his waist.
The hat band detail is amazing, with the feather even managing to look cocky and ready to take on all-comers (Makes me wonder if Vampires are ticklish :->).
I simply cannot relate just how much I love this figure, which is truly tiny, but packed with so much charisma and danger combined.
I would advise not putting too much scenic detail on the base, as it would detract from the figure itself, and spoil the effect.
Less is more, as they say, and this figure gives life to that adage, as well as the one about being larger than life, too.
Beautiful detail, so be very careful when doing clean up duty, or you could easily do more harm than good by wiping out some of it.
I'd recommend using wet & dry paper rather than a needle file when cleaning this figure up, as well as buying a few more of the same figure, just to use up all the spare arms/weapons, and so creating even more variety in an already beautiful figure.
Date Added: 04/03/2016 by Paul Todd
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