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Big Boris Mk2 (2005, RESIN VERSION)
Big Boris Mk2 (2005, RESIN VERSION)
Sale: £13.50
Save: 10% off
Big Boris Mk1 (2002, RESIN VERSION)
Big Boris Mk1 (2002, RESIN VERSION)
Sale: £7.20
Save: 10% off
Heresy Miniatures Ltd
Unit 5, Napoleon Business Park
Wetherby Rd
DE24 8HL
United Kingdom

TEL: 01332 366844

PLEASE NOTE: As stated on the front page of the site, I am still trying to clear the decks of as many of the Kickstarter pledges as I can, the recipients of which have been waiting at least a year for their stuff to come through.  Your regualr order will be shipped as soon as possible in between all the resin casting I have to do! 

Also note: Orders are delayed due to Salute! The annual miniatures show that I have been working every day to prepare for since January. The workload is too much this week and orders will be shipping from Monday the 24th of April. Sorry for the delay!


If you are telephoning us, please be aware that due to an overwhelming deluge of fraudulent calls from people pretending to be officials, trying to switch our electric, or sell us IT or suchlike, we are screening all calls. Simply stay on the line whilst the answerphone message plays and start talking when you get the chance so that we can hear you aren't yet another salesperson but an actual customer we need to talk to! Sorry about's a curse of the modern age.


Salute preparations are delaying orders due to the sheer work involved. That is why the Sale offers are on, to compensate you for the delays. If you are concerned that you are missing a parcel, please bear the following in mind:

1) If you didn't pay for tracking and insurance, there's not a lot we can do to trace your order. Always pay for tracking - we even throw in an extra figure or two to offset the extra cost!

2) Most orders arrive eventually once posted. The current worst country for delivering non-express untracked parcels is apparently the USA, where parcels seem to arrive at a random length of time between one week and five weeks (the worst I've heard lately is two months!). This is totally out of our control and is entirely to do with the US postal service. The best thing to do to avoid this is to pay for Airsure shipping, which provides tracking, insurance if your parcel gets lost, and also cuts the delivery time from '7 to 12' workings days down to '5 to 7' working days. If you choose regular airmail or free shipping, you don't get tracking and you can't get a replacement parcel, normally.

3) Also, if you are expecting a parcel, and it should have arrived by now, eg overseas within three weeks, then PLEASE check with your local post office as they may be holding it for you and have failed to let you know this. Or perhaps they've left it in a safe place, or with a neighbour, or someone else in the house received it on your behalf and never mentioned it. All of these things happen a lot, you'd be amazed. Also, in the UK the posties aren't above leaving things in the wheelie bins thinking they'd be safe and you'd spot them. More often than you'd think, truly...

4) If you've tried asking the post office and all the rest of it and you still think it's gone missing, then do let us know using the contact form below.

5) All orders will be shipped in order of receipt, so if you're 100 in the queue, it may take a day or two to get to yours. Your order status will be updated from 'Paid For, Awaiting Packing' to 'Shipped' when it ships!

6) I say 'we' I mean, 'I' there's currently only me working here, I don't have some mighty mail order department toiling away at all hours, just me trying to do everything, so do bear with me. Thus, I have reduced th enumber of shipping days to Tuesday and Friday each week so that I can get all teh casting done. Sorry for any delays! - Andy Foster

A number of you have given incorrect email adresses (for instance, misspelling your email address by one letter) or your email service has blacklisted mine as potential spam and emails aren't getting through from me to you (e.g. Verizon refuse to unblock my site's IP). Please try contacting me through Facebook or Twitter if you aren't getting email replies from Heresy addresses! (see below for links to social network sites)



To E-mail us, please use the form at the bottom of this page. please change the email address from andy@heresy... to YOUR OWN Email or we can't reply to you. Some of you have security programs on the servers you use that prevent us replying to your email address. (We get treated as spam for daring to send out a newsletter)









There's also The Forum Of Doom - a very pleasant place to hang out where the rule is 'no Trolls' and not only do you get the Heresy updates, you also get news from our friends at Hasslefree Miniatures, Black Scorpion Miniatures and Fenris Games! Sign up and you can contact Andy via his FOD Username - Big Boris






You can get updates on the latest Heresy Miniatures news in a variety of ways!


Firstly you can sign up to either the newsletter from your customer account, or for specific updates simply choose the 'Notify me of updates' big green tick on any item page whilst logged in. Or you can sign up to our Yahoo! newsletter here.



Secondly, there's The Forum Of Doom - a very pleasant place to hang out where the rule is 'no Trolls' and not only do you get the Heresy updates, you also get news from our friends at Hasslefree Miniatures, Black Scorpion Miniatures and Fenris Games!

We have several Twitter accounts according to your taste!
If you want all of the Heresy news, plus a load of rants about real life, massive debts, dismay at TV shows, amusing jokes and whimsical pictures, follow @Heresy_Andy

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Andy posts work in progress pictures of models he's working on, alongside the occasional loaf of bread or interesting nature shot on Instagram.


If you would like to support Andy Foster directly, you can become a patron of his on Patreon and get early access to his Works In Progress pictures as he sculpts the various monsters and demons he loves, and also his thoughts on future ideas for the NetherHells and Deathball games:
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