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I started out on April 6th 2002! 20 years of Big Boris!
There will be various offers over the next year, and hopefully I'll get a chance

to make a new Big Boris and a new Fallen One -Heresy's first two miniatures!

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Plastic Ghoul Tribe On Kickstarter!
The best Ghouls in the world, but now in plastic - coming this summer! 

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NEWS: Metal alloy prices have gone crazy! 
They keep going up, and have gone from £24/kg in 2021 to £48/kg this week.
Expect the biggest models to increase again soon, and buy them now!
I intend to replace much of the range with resin and plastic alternatives.
Plastic Ghouls coming to Kickstarter very soon!

Gottta catch em all!

Have you got the whole series?

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Choose Your Own Adventure(rs)!

Choose your party of five!

NEW - Adventurer Party Deal! Choose your own Party Of Five stalwart
heroes and heroines to go dungeon crawling with! Click the pic for the details!



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Andy posts work in progress pictures of models he's working on, alongside the occasional loaf of bread or interesting nature shot on Instagram.

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Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
RESIN Man-Bat Vampire #01 [PRE-ORDER] 01/08/2022
RESIN Ghoul King [PRE-ORDER] 01/08/2022
RESIN Goblin Archer Unit [PRE-ORDER] 01/08/2022
RESIN Ghoul Tribe [PRE-ORDER] 01/08/2022
RESIN Small Maggotmen (set of 2) 01/08/2022
RESIN The Mad Necromancer [PRE-ORDER] 01/08/2022
RESIN Goblin Hero with Sword & Shield 01/08/2022
RESIN Goblin Shaman 01/08/2022
RESIN: Dr. Frankenmuller, Quasimarti & The Creature (Set of 3) 01/08/2022
RESIN Were-Turtle 01/08/2022
RESIN Demoness Furies, Set of 3 01/08/2022
RESIN Werewolf #1 01/08/2022
Plastic Goblin Archer Unit [PRE-ORDER] 01/08/2022
Plastic Maggotmen 5-pack [PRE-ORDER] 01/08/2022
Plastic Man-Bat Vampire #01 [PRE-ORDER] 01/08/2022

Featured Products

Ghoul King (Special Edition) [METAL]
Ghoul King (Special Edition) [METAL]
Sale: £8.50
Save: 15% off
Ghoul Hag and Child [METAL]
Ghoul Hag and Child [METAL]
Sale: £6.80
Save: 15% off
Apprentice Mage/Liche/Warlock [METAL]
Apprentice Mage/Liche/Warlock [METAL]
Sale: £6.80
Save: 15% off
The Tunnel Dweller [RESIN]
The Tunnel Dweller [RESIN]
£35.00  £30.00
Save: 14% off
Barbarian Warlord [METAL]
Barbarian Warlord [METAL]
Sale: £6.80
Save: 15% off
Ms. Spectre (Female ganger with laser rifle)
Ms. Spectre (Female ganger with laser rifle)
Sale: £3.83
Save: 15% off
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