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Monstrous Spider - (NEW) RESIN & Metal version

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This is a truly marvellous miniature of a spider! It comes in 10 parts - 8 metal legs, 1 metal sprue of 2 pedopalps, and the resin body. Despite looking fiddly to assemble, it proved quick and easy to do so. Like most of Heresys miniatures there was a minimum of flash requiring removal, and the detail is excellent.
I used a drill with a bore equal to the size of the ball joint on each leg to drill out each leg socket on the body, then glued the legs into the enlarged holes, resulting in a quick, solid & neat fit for all the legs. I also drilled out the pedopalp sockets with a smaller drill - I recommend fitting the palps first, before any legs. I suggest fitting the legs front left + right first (to ensure the miniature stands level), the hind left + right legs (that way you can choose a rearing posture, hunched, etc) then once those 4 leg are in place and solid, stand the miniature up and fit the remaining legs.
This is an excellent miniature and well worth the £12 price tag.
Warning - rolled up newspaper NOT included!
Date Added: 09/09/2017 by VICTOR DOBSON
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