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NetherLord II (Winged Version)

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I love this beast of a miniature! I thought the Netherlord I was a biggies, but the winged Netherlord II takes the crown - it's massive, and with it's wings seems even more so. And the detail is amazing.
There are a lot of parts that will require cleaning but assembly is surprisingly quick and easy as long as you remember to do it in easy steps and test fit the parts before adding glue.
The huge wings are the hardest part to get right - take your time & be prepared to trim and file until the fit is as good, then bring out the putty!
The Netherlord II will make your battle opponent jealous, and all those goody-goody dungeon delving treasure stealers flee in terror!
Very highly recommended.
Date Added: 02/03/2020 by VICTOR D.
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