PLEASE NOTE: We are temporarily out of 25mm Round plastic bases as the UK supplier is either closed down, moving warehouse to the EU or just ignoring emails, depending on who you talk to. Lot of us small indies left in the lurch, unable to get hold of fresh plastic bases! I will be putting 20mm round or 30mm Display style lipped bases in your orders if you ask for 25mm round until i can get some more. Apologies!


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The Waspquito miniature was bigger than I expected and came in 6 pieces - 4 wings, torso & 1 set of legs, plus the other legs. Although the legs did require flash removal the remainder of the miniature required next to none. I found it was better to glue the torso to the flight base prior to gluing the legs & wings on, it made handling it that bit easier. Although pinning the wings is recommended, I used a drill that matched the diameter of the 'ball' on each of the 4 wings to drill out the holes on the torso for said wings - the wings glued directly into the enlarged holes very snugly without pinning resulting in a strong join.
The Waspquito has excellent detail and is decidedly worth its £4 price - I heartily recommend them.
Date Added: 14/06/2017 by VICTOR DOBSON
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