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This was the second Heresy Miniatures Troll I bought, and a very fine miniature it is too. It comes in 6 parts (2 choices of head, 2 forearms with talons, upper torso, lower torso with the legs. The detailing on the Snow Trolls fur is amazing and the pose aggressively dynamic, being hunched forwards brandishing its talons and snarling (the choice of heads is either open mouthed snarling/roaring, or closed mouthed). The Snow Troll did require a bit of preparation - mostly minor flash removal and tidying - prior to assembly (and care should be taken not to remove any of the fine fur detail - its fur, not flash!) but the fit of the parts was good and the whole process from opening the bag to final basing (the wide legged stances means a 50mm base is required) took less than 30 minutes. Once finished you'll have an (un-)lovely Snow Troll with which to terrorize your role-players and opponents.
Excellent value and highly recommended at £15.
Date Added: 03/09/2017 by VICTOR DOBSON
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