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Mullet The Barbarian - flaming torch version [METAL]

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This excellent miniature comes in 4 pieces - 1 torso/head/legs/arms/torch + 1 right hand with that axe, 1 sword in scabbard, and 1 shield. Detail is again excellent and will reward a good painter, whilst pre-assembly clean-up work was minimal and the actual assembly itself easy and painless. It's not required to use all the pieces - you could leave off the sword or the shield easily - I didn't use the shield and the miniature still looks great. Optionally, with just a bit of work you could cut/file off the upheld torch and then attach the shield to the back of Mullets left arm/hand to end up with an upraised arm/shield.
Very nice too, and for just £6.00.
Date Added: 16/01/2017 by VICTOR DOBSON
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