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Norko, Halfling Sorceror [METAL]

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It's official!!! I am now in utter LOVE with these Halfling characters, and received this figure this morning, and after a quick snip of flash from the base and a swipe of wet and dry paper to the edge of the cloak, the figure was totally cleaned up.
A quick dip in soapy water later, and a blow dry from a hairdryer, it was out with the undercoat spray and away I went.
The detail, again, is unbelievable.
There is so much to love about this figure, from the tiny flame sprouting from his/her left hand, the detail on the skull in the right hand, and the huge sombrero/Puritan style hat that tops off the height of this little beauty. The robe is amazing, flowing with movement, and the medallion hanging over the breast of the figure is perfect for some seriously tiny occult symbolism/rune script (It's out with the BIG magnifier when I come to that part of the painting, I'm afraid. Old eyes vs tiny figure time :->).
The sash and veil/neckerchief are also something that shows just how good the sculptor is, as even the folds are a joy to see.
Again, this is a figure for which basing is going to be "less is more," just to do justice to the figure, and to prevent overpowering the wee mite as well.
Being a Halfling/Dwarf fanatic, I am hoping and praying to see more figures in this genre coming from Heresy Miniatures, as they are far superior to any I've seen before, are a doddle to clean up, take paint extremely well, and are packed with character, detail and presence, despite their tiny size.
As a died-in-the-wool "painter not gamer," I have actually been inspired now, since getting these figures, to attempt my first foray into gaming, just to see how much fun they'll provide, taking on all comers on the table top.
Thanks guys and gals at Heresy, you've finally turned me into an all-rounder :-) as we call painters and gamers at our club.
A note on the packaging, too.
Excellent package, no damage to the figures in the envelope (I bought the Captain Nathan figure too), with a few sweet treats thrown in by the wonderful minion who packaged them for me.
I have to say, Heresy Miniatures offer THE best service and products I've seen in over 45 years of collecting and painting war game figures.
I'm already browsing the other goodies they sell, and making my Christmas/Birthday and every other day of the year lists :-D
I'm definitely going to get multiples of certain figures, just to test out different paint schemes and basing options/ideas.
Imminent bankruptcy awaits, no doubt, but it'll be more than worth it in the long run LOL :-D
Date Added: 29/03/2016 by Paul Todd
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