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Master Casting - 21st Anniversary Fallen One 'Glow-Up'

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MASTER CASTING  - LIMITED EDITION (may be withdrawn at any time, max 20 available)

The Fallen One, later retitled Minor Fallen One to distinguish it from the other Fallen One demons he's made over the years, was one of the first models Andy Foster sculpted for the Heresy range when he started officially trading in April 2002, alongside Big Boris, the Dwarf engineer and so forth, and he's been a popular model ever since but needed a litle bit of love to clean him up and fix his assembly . As aprt of that, Andy has made this initial model with as many bits in situ as possible of the old model, keeping the original style and flavour of the old sculpt but gently improving anatomy elements and giving it a cleaner appearance. This model is intended to be made in metal eventually but needs to be cut up to fit that moulding process (no parts going into a spincast mould can be over 23mm thick or they get crushed by the mould tin, so for example the lavish long spines poking out of his shoulders might need to be come separate add-ons and so forth) , so this master casting will be a little different to the eventual metal version, which will need a bit more assembly! For isntance, the metal version will most likely have separate legs and torso, and at least one separate arm if not both.

This model will also come with a 40mm round resin scenic base. 

This is a Master Casting from a single first generation master mould taken from the original sculpted model, that has a limited amount of casting life, so is extremely limited in number, and may be removed at any time once the mould details rip out (which is what they do, resin casting is a harsh mistress of silicone)!

The model is unpainted and I've tried to photograph it best as I can to show the difference between it and th eoriginal 2002 version, but my phone camera is terrible at photographing grey models (and white models and red models so it's a triple whammy) so trust me when I say the photos are't doing it justice! hope to have painted version at some point...

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