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Sharclon Brutality Squad (5 figures) [METAL]

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Sharclon, a vicious race of mass produced clone warriors who eschew plurality (The plural for Sharclon, is Sharclon, for instance) and whose lust for violence is exceeded only by their arrogance. It is assumed on Earth that the Sharclon were originally a slave warrior caste who rose up and destroyed their masters. Coming from a world whose gravity was higher than that of earth meant that their base genetic code gives any Sharclon ten times the strength of a human, although their strength is primarily load-bearing in nature, allowing them to move under the tremendous force of high gravity. Indeed the standard Kerg class armour includes a feature that actively impedes a Sharclon's movements to maintain their bone mass and high muscle density when not in combat... the only thing stopping the Sharclon from conquering the galaxy is the intrinsic lust of each Sharclon Commander to prove that they and the troops under their command are superior to every other Sharclon, leading to reckless strategies that often have the opposite desired outcome on paper. Luckily, death in combat is considered the ultimate proof of a Sharclon warrior's worth - the more violent the bigger the glory!

PLEASE NOTE: IN May 2024, UK metal alloy prices surged to twice their previous level, meaning that all the metal figures are now vastly more expensive to produce and in order to maintain even basic percentage profit as a business, I have had to raise prices until such time as the metal alloy price drops back down. You may find the resin or siocast versions of any given figure (if available) to be more affordable during this time!

These are 5 sturdy 28mm scale metal figures, with separate heads/helmets and guns that require asembly using superglue and priming/painting with your normal model paints. Supplied with 25mm round plastic bases. Includes 4 Sharclon Troopers and 1 Sharclon Officer

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