PLEASE NOTE: We are temporarily out of 25mm Round plastic bases as the UK supplier is either closed down, moving warehouse to the EU or just ignoring emails, depending on who you talk to. Lot of us small indies left in the lurch, unable to get hold of fresh plastic bases! I will be putting 20mm round or 30mm Display style lipped bases in your orders if you ask for 25mm round until i can get some more. Apologies!


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Maggotmen, those twisted creations of the demon known as Madame, are an eclectic lot, a typical brood composed of the mutated remnants of any would-be assassins, heros and other adventurers that have fallen foul of the Demon Queen, Madame's terrible magicks. Human, Dwarf, Orc, Elf, Hlafling or Barbarian, she just loves making them into adorable, stinking, odure scoffing maggotmen. The Maggotman Bull, dripping with slime and filth, enthroned on a pile of skulls and bones, might well once have been an iron-thewed barbarian. Certainly big enough! He's twice the size of the other maggotmen and gets all the best offal and [transcript ends here with vomiting noises and coughing]

Designed and sculpted by Andy Foster, based on original Maggotmen concepts by Warren Beattie

Resin model kit: 1 x Maggotman Bull Champion Body, 1 x Right aAm, 1 x 40mm plain round plastic base.

All our resin and metal kits are produced on site and if out of stock will be cast up for your order within a day or two so don't worry! Resin kits should be washed and dried before assembly to remove any release spray residue (Heresy uses paintable release spray but best to be certain). Prime with primer paint suitable for plastic surfaces prior to painting with usual acrylic paints etc. Not a toy.

I cast everything up on site so you can ignore Out Of Stock Warnings!


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