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Mucklegeet The Giant

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Mucklegeet is very popular and is always being remoulded and/or cast, so don't worry too much about 'Out Of Stock' warnings! Each model is hand cast to order by me on-site and sometimes a queue builds up so don't panic if it's not sent out straight away.

Mucklegeet The Giant stands 180mm to the head, and is scoffing a terrified Paladin knight. He comes with a large oval base, 120mm by 90mm. This is probably the easiest model to assemble of this size that you can buy! Comes in six solid resin, bubble free parts that fit together extraordinarily well...
In the Netherhells universe, Giants range from 15 feet to 150 feet tall, though most are on the small end of the scale. It is said that the Titans, as the largest Giants are known, live in the mountains in the furthest corners of the world, where they slumber in deacdes-long sleep, waking only occasionally to feast on whatever creatures are nearest, be it a herd of Abominable Dire Sheep or some unfortunate settlement of people that built their new homes unknowingly close to a sleeping giant.
Most giants over the 20 feet tall mark are almost entirely driven by their immense hunger; the bigger they are, the less interest they have in schemes and plans, and the more likely they are to shove anything they come across in their mouths. Giants usually have ragged teeth; they break them on armour, for instance, but they grow back quickly  - and unevenly!

Sculpted by Andy Foster

Components: Body, waist, right foot, left foot, left arm with axe, right arm with dinner, plastic blank oval base 120mm x 90mm
This is a multi-part resin kit, cast by hand - it is intended for experience modellers. It is supplied unassembled and unpainted, and although we use paintable release spray, it's a good idea to have him be washed in warm soapy water with a toothbrush before assembly with superglue and painting with acrylic paints.

I cast everything up on site so you can ignore Out Of Stock Warnings!

This model is available on the Heresy Miniatures Etsy store if you wish to pre-pay VAT and avoid Customs Handling Fees (for orders under 134€)

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