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[METAL] NSFW "Knob's A Good 'Un" Boris *LIMITED*

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This model is quite large (about 8 feet tall in 'old school '28mm scale from the 80s) and is ideal for use in 'heroic' 28mm scale (90s to 2010s), or the more modern '32mm' scale (2018 onwards) that GW have recently started using.

By Demand: A new METAL version of the Big Boris figures that were sculpted by Kev White instead of Andy Foster as normal. This version will be limited to as many castings as I can get off one mould before it deteriorates (big bulky models tend to destroy moulds quickly via heat of the metal alloy). I have assumed 100 castings.

Please choose which version of this figure you want - naked (KAGU) or Clothed (KJW) using the checkbox option!

PLEASE NOTE: I cast all metal figures on-site so if it is listed as out of stock don't worry, it will simply be cast up and sent out to you with little extra delay. Stock levels are just a guide!


Scroll down to see uncensored pictures of anatomical splendour.

"You should make a naked Big Boris. It will sell loads" said Kev White, one of the best sculptors in the world, a while back.  I was a bit non-plussed, to be honest. I didn't think that was necessarily the case, but it was definitely a pretty amusing idea for a Big Boris model. I didn't have the time to spare, though, being snowed under with stuff from the Kickstarter. Kev was not to be dissuaded. "Can I have a go, then?" he asked. And he did. I still can't quite believe that there's a Big Boris model not made by me! Indeed, there's two - as Kev also did a version of KAGU Boris in his normal attire, admittedly not much less revealing but less likely to put someone else in the adventurer party's eye out! 

~ Andy

This is not just an amusing model of Big Boris showing off the goods. Any budding student of miniatures sculpting needs to get this model, even if just for the anatomical reference. It shows you how to do exaggerated muscle proportions on a non-human figure such as Ogres, orcs and so forth. You can also use it as the basis for a custom conversion - just clip off the features you don't need (wang, head) and put armour, loincloth, chainmail, spare horned helm head etc where you want it to make your own 8 foot tall behemoth character figure! Or just paint him up and scare the hell out of your adventurer party!

Sculpted by Kevin J White

Contents: KAGU Boris body, sprue of 3 gesticulating hands, Boris Axe with right hand, 40mm base. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

This is a resin model kit, and needs  assembling with superglue, model filler etc and then priming and painting.

I cast everything up on site so you can ignore Out Of Stock Warnings!

I cast all resin figures on-site so if it is listed as out of stock don't worry, it will simply be cast up and sent out to you within a week or less.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 September, 2022.

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