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Centaur Barbarian- Garr'Sher

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There are many centaur tribes in the world. Some shun all others, living in isolation in haunted forests, killing anyone who might betray their existence to the outside world. Some live nomadic lives in the great plains to the East, ever travelling, following the herds of Bison that are their main source of food. To the south are the Ibhutu, black and white striped centaurs that hunt in the burning sun. In the Northern grasslands, are the tribe of the Maquiox, whose spoken history tells of a curse laid upon them by a Dragon long ago, turning a tribe of proud Barbarian reavers and their enormous warhorses into single creatures; now their descendants hunt for that Dragon, seeking to avenge their fate and lift that curse at last.

Garr'Sher is a large resin Centaur warrior model, representing a bigger, more aggressive type of Centaur than for example, the Rowan Centaur model that we also sell. 

This model was brought back as part of the Return Of The Monsters Kickstarter campaign.

Sculpted by Andy Foster

Contents: Centaur body, Centaur legs, spear, shield, 40mm base.

RESIN KIT: Resin sometimes requires washing with a toothbrush in warm soapy water to remove any mould release spray residue, assemgling with superglue and then priming with a suitable undercoat before painting. (However, we use a release spray that claims to be paintable so if the model doesn't actively feel greasy, it should be good to go...)


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