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The Tunnel Dweller [RESIN]

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Another of Heresy's classic Demon Lords returns! As part of the Return Of The Monsters Kickstarter that we ran in September 2014, The Tunnel Dweller - first released in 2006 - has been tweaked and improved for a better fit and easier assembly, cast in smooth, uber-paintable resin. Perfect for any Demonic army or NetherHells dungeon!

The Tunnel Dweller is completely insane, it's mind long since blasted apart by it's horrific transformation from mortal to twisted demon nightmare. It is said that it was once a man, and a lover of the woman known as Ursula, or to those who have the knowledge, the demon queen Ner'Gabba, known as Madame. Madame's capricious whims and skewed visions of what is beautiful and distorted notions of love and reward meant that whomever that man once was, nothing now remains of him. The Tunnel Dweller is worshipped as a god itself by a Dark brethren cult who call themselves the Tunnel Guard, and who patrol the outer levels of the 'Dweller's domain, seeking out the would-be heroes as victims to feed to their demented deity.

There are a lot of pieces to this classic kit, it comes with multiple heads (original two plus three new ones for this version) to choose from and can be armed with a scythe of sword as you prefer (or being resin, it's easy to turn the scythe into a spear by using the sword blade to top off the scythe handle).

FULL KIT CONTENTS: See pictures for components, supplied with a 60mm round plastic base. Grub body, Tunnel Dweller body, 6 x insectile legs, left arm with severed head, empty-handed left arm, right arm, right hand scythe handle, scythe blade, right hand with sword, 2 x insectile heads, 2 x antennae, 3 x demonic horned heads.

Designed by Robin Carey & Sculpted by Andy Foster

This pack was part of the Kickstarter we ran in September 2014 aimed at improving our large monsters by producing them in resin instead of metal, giving a much better paintable surface and easier assembly. 

RESIN ITEM: This pack contains resin components - they should be washed in warm soapy water (use washing up detergent ie for dishes) using an old toothbrush to remove any remaining mould-release agent before being painted. If sanding or filing resin, please wear a dustmask to prevent inhalation of fine resin dust. Resin models must be glued using superglue (cyanoacrylate). Any gaps should be filled with modelling putty such as Procreate or Grennstuff - see Modelling Putty section for our current stock

As resin figures are cast by hand and it is a labour-intensive, time-consuming process, there may be a slight delay in filling your order whilst we cast stock up, if demand is great. Please be patient!


I cast everything up on site so you can ignore Out Of Stock Warnings!

This model is available on the Heresy Miniatures Etsy store if you wish to pre-pay VAT and avoid Customs Handling Fees (for orders under 134€)


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