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Skeleton 3-Up #05: Skeleton with Scythe 01

  • Model: SKELETON3UP_05
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This model will start to ship from August 30th 2021, with the regular orders, each week as I get them cast up. It is a Limited Edition Master Casting, limited to 50 castings at most and may sell out at any moment, (especially if the mould rips before we get to 50 castings sold)

Please don't delay - this Collectable 3-Up replica may sell quite quickly!

As part of the upcoming skeleton plastics project, I am making a very limited amount of master castings of the Skeleton 3-Up models available. These are master castings taken directly from the original mould, which will not last long and so only a handful of castings are expected to be produced. In order not to disappoint, only 50 master castings will be made available of this version of this first of the 'rank and file' Skeletons with which I hope, eventually,  to fill your dungeon lairs. .

  • Anyone who orders 1 of these Master Casting Skeletons will also be entitled to claim a free sprue of plastic skeletons if they do get made!! (1 sprue per master casting purchased)
  • Each Skeleton 3-Up model kit is 3 times the size of the final 30mm scale figure - so around 90mm tall to the top of the skull, if they were standing bolt upright.
  • I am attempting to keep the costs as low as I can on this model by making him in as few parts as possible, thus using as little silicone as possible in the moulding, which is mainly what ramps up the price of resin figures. So rather than one kit with tons of options you can't use at once, this time you can choose which specific option you want using the dropdown.

The model consists of: Body, 3 x skulls, 75mm resin base and then one of the following options: Scythe, Halberd and Shield, Spear and Shield, Sword and Shield, or Heavy Crossbow. If you can't decide or don't care, choose "RANDOM' as the option and you will get whatever I have the most castings of to hand. 

PLEASE NOTE: Designs may vary, there are two shields for a start, and sometimes I have to alter a thickness or length of a part, etc, for casting purposes

Follow Heresy on Kickstarter to be notified when the proper plastics project launches! 

Here's the link: www.kickstarter.com/profile/heresyminiatures

Please  note - this is a surpisingly complicated model to mould and inevitably you may notice mould lines and/or some wafer thin flash on the casting - this is sometimes unavoidable on larger models due to the nature of the resin moulding process where the slightest slip of a knife can make a mould line run around the wrong side of a bony leg, etc and lead to the wrong pressing edges. However, they are easily removed by scraping back with a sharp modelling knife or glass fibre brush-pen. The model is supplied unpainted and unassembled, you can easily assemble it with superglue, and prime and paint with acrylic model paints, etc, as normal. We use a paintable release spray in case you don't fancy washing them, but it's always a good idea to wash them anyway.

IMPORTANT: THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE MOULD for this model. I can make 3 master castings a day from it if all goes well, so there may be a delay in your order whilst I cast it!

Contents: (all 90 mm / 3-UP sized! this is not a regular 30mm figure!) Body with spear, right arm, manacle and chain, 3 x random skulls, resin base (parts subject to change eg if i can get the manacle to cast as par tof the body, I will, and I might add more skulls in to choose form


This model is available on the Heresy Miniatures Etsy store if you wish to pre-pay VAT and avoid Customs Handling Fees (for orders under 134€)

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 25 July, 2021.

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