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Trooper With Chem-Thrower [METAL]

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A notable feature of Humanity's first Alien War was the almost immediate dispensal with the Geneva Convention when it came to weapons used against the ET forces. Prevailing opinion was that in a war for the species, all non-humans were very much not covered by any concept of Human Rights. Certainly, the terrible weapons and mutated creatures brought to bear by the Feebloids justified any and all retaliation. The Heavy Chem-thrower with its increased range and wide variety of liquid formulas made it extremely useful against foes as diverse as Crabmen, Skitterers and Terror Fronds. It has even proven useful aginst the various drones of the Machine Intelligence, with teh invention of a new chemical that combines the adhesion, flammability of napalm with an acidic nature caused by it's oxidisation upon firing the weapon, that allows it to burn right through the plasteel shell of an unprotected Machine into vulnerable wiring and other components beneath.

To guard against blowback, the Troopers are usually supplied with a fire-retardant uniform including a larger than normal helmet which contains a full life-support breathing apparatus and improved anti-thermal visual enhancement.

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Pack contents: Chemthrower Trooper body,  Chemthrower rifle, Chemthrower Propellant tank/[pipe, Chemthrower Fuel tank backpack, plastic base.

Figure cast in (industry standard) white metal alloy. Contains lead (less than 10%)

Designed and Sculpted by Andy Foster.

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