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10 Figure Gang Deal [METAL]

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This deal contains 10 figures - 7 regular gang members chosen at random from the range, 1 random Noob, 1 random Tank (one of the variant Painless Joes or Tiny) and one random Specialist (Wesley the Sniper or Napalm Ned) plus enough guns and bases to tool them all up! If you want specific figures, let us know, You can choose the tanks and specialists from the dropdown, use the Being Diffcult box to tell us the names or codes for preferred gangers...

Figures sculpted by Andy Foster. Multi-part metal models that need supergluing and pinning and are not recommended for inexperienced modellers.

PLEASE NOTE: We cast all our metal figures up on site and as such if this item is listed as being Out of Stock, do not worry - we will cast it up and fill your order as normal!

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 September, 2013.

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