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Sharclon Officer with Destructor Pistol

  • Model: SHARC002
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Denizens of a bleak world in the outer spiral arm of the galaxy, Sharclon are belligerent, arrogant bullies who deem all other species to be pitiful weaklings fit only to be crushed beneath the hammer of their mighty Deathbringer war fleets.

This Sharclon Officer model is outfitted with muscle-amplifying Kerg armour, and comes with separate head and optional helmet, allowing some limited variation.

Pack Contents: Sharclon Officer With Destructor Pistol Body, 1 x Sharclon Officer Head Sprue (4 heads to choose from), plastic base.

We cast all our metal figures on site, so if this product is listed as Out Of Stock, don't worry, your order will be filled as normal - we'll just cast it up!

PLEASE NOTE: IN May 2024, UK metal alloy prices surged to twice their previous level, meaning that all the metal figures are now vastly more expensive to produce and in order to maintain even basic percentage profit as a business, I have had to raise prices until such time as the metal alloy price drops back down. You may find the resin or siocast versions of any given figure to be more affordable during this time!

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 07 April, 2013.

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