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The Dragon - 2nd Production Run - IMPERFECT GRADE

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The moulds are really starting to go now, with little flecks of silicone popping up on each cast, so it's unclear how many more will be able to be produced at an acceptable level of quality. I have 3 more to cast and will assess how good the remaining moulds are at that point. Possibly a lower quality Imperfect Dragon kit may be made available but we shall see...



Although this kit may be marked as out of stock, Andy will cast one up for you. This will likely take a couple of days. If the moulds fail to a point where the quality is simply too bad to be sold, this item will be removed from the cart. Therefore, if you can see this page, the moulds are still good and you can order one!

This is an Imperfect Dragon - it will probably have minor imperfections such as mould lines to clean, and specks of silicon in between the scale texture as the original production moulds have worn down from the last production run, or small patches of missing scale texture where this has already occurred on a mould in a previous casting. Such blemishes are almost imperceptible at this point but will become more noticeable as these moulds are run into the ground. Some of the parts may in fact be Perfect Grade! The current Imperfect Grade dragons mainly have some scale detail that has become roughened where the silicone mould has rubbed away between scales, or a noticeable mould line on some parts mainly the rock base (easily fixed with some scraping, Andy will in fact fix this before he sends the dragon out) - but not all the parts! They're really, really good condition, in fact. Almost perfect!. 

Thanks to new moulds on the limbs etc, the main area for mould lines and torn detail is the rock base (toes have to be drilled out to fit claws in, and a mould line always appears up one side) and Andy will fix this up for you before sending. You may see some lighter resin where the fixing is done as scraping/sanding always lightens the resin compared to 'pure' cast resin surface.


  • There are no returns on this kit for being unhappy with the finish, it's IMPERFECT GRADE! However, it would still pass a lot of other companies' quality control at this point... the price will reflect this. As detail gets slightly worse the price will reduce slightly if necessary.

Please Note; The pictures above show some extreme wing and spine damage from the first generation production run of Imperfect Dragons, at the moment there is no sign of this damage in the current run of Imperfect Dragons. the price will drop if it becomes the case. At time of writing th eonly damage is missing detail in texture of scales/rock and mould line on the rock.

Imperfect Grade Disclaimer:

These are complete Dragon kits left that didn't meet the impossibly high standards of the original run of Dragon castings. As resin can't be recycled, and the imperfections are relatively minor (no more than ten minutes of work per affected part usually, and the mould lines are normally located out of main view, e.g. underneath the model when assembled, sometimes you may have to sculpt the tip of a wing or spine) I am collating enough parts to make a whole dragon kit with as few imperfections as possible, for as long as I can get COMPLETE kits. Mould lines are caused by the two halves of a mould not quite aligning exactly during the casting process and can be easily fixed by scraping away the area with a scalpel or sanding tool and remodelling by carving or use of putty. Safety equipment should be worn when filing resin, to avoid inhaling dust.

Please only buy this kit if you are happy to clean mould lines, or repair and fill any imperfect components. (The standard is no worse than the 'perfect' quality for some companies, in all honesty!)

There's a massive, multiple-years-long tale of woe attached to the original run of the Heresy Dragon; you can read it on the Dragon entry on Andy's Blog: http://heresyminiatures.com/shop/blog/2015/08/dragon-slayed/

The Dragon is a large, multi-part polyurethane resin collector's model kit that requires filling, gluing and assorted modelling skills to assemble and complete. It is of course supplied unpainted and unassembled.

It is not for the inexperienced modeller as you will need to do some putty filling along joins.

It will never be available in metal, it is too big for that (I've tried, it would weigh about 13kgs in metal, even hollowed out).

If you measure from the bottom of the rock base to the tip of the raised wing, it is approximately 34cm high.

As part of the Kickstarter, Andy made a new head for the NEXT Dragon, and has retrofitted it to make it work with the original Dragon.

Original Head:

Original Dragon Head

New Head:

New Dragon Head

Please choose which head you would like from the Dropdown option when pre-ordering, or you can have both heads for an extra £15, or two of the same head, even! 

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 July, 2019.

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