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The Dragon - 2nd Production Run - IMPERFECT GRADE
The Dragon - 2nd Production Run - IMPERFECT GRADE
£350.00  £250.00
Save: 29% off

£99.00  £60.00
Save: 39% off
For orders under €134,00/3000NOK please use Etsy instead!

FAQs (LOGIN Problems)

Frequently Asked Questions And Problems


The most common problem with this is that you may have entered your email address incorrectly when you set up your Heresy Customer Account, the next most common is that your emails from Heresy are in your junk folder or are being bounced by your server. The third most common is that you don't have an account any longer under your current email address!

I deleted all dormant customer accounts who hadn't ordered since summer 2019, in 2021, to protect your data. If you haven't ordered since before summer 2019, your account probably got deleted, sorry! If you think you should still have an account, and can't log in, email me and include your name and address and i will check to see if there is an account in your name. But most likely it was already deleted due to inactivity and you should simply make a new one! If you don't get an email within minutes from the Forgotten Password page, it means your email doesn't exist on the database. Go ahead an dmake a new account. If it says the email is already in use then you do have an account and I can sort it.

If there is one, i will amend the email address or change the password for you, and email you  on the new email address to let you know how to log in and change the password to a new one that you will remember.

Some servers/iSPs reject emails from the shop outright dsespiute repeated attempts to whitelist the site. Comcast, for instance. Not a lot I can do there, except email you via a backup email address I have for that purpose...

2) You used to make a figure that you don't make any more. Can I buy one?

No, I don't make it any more. Makes it tricky. Probably it was a licensed one, or it was taken down due to IP lawyers being pissy over it looking too similar to something else, in which case I can't sell it any more for fear of being sued. Sorry.

3) Do you do private sculpting commissions?

No. Too busy, sorry.

4) Do you sell to trade?

Yes. Email me. Expect to buy in volume, or it's pointless.

5) It says it's Out Of Stock!!

Don't worry, I cast everything up myself on site. I've tried to write this on every page but people often don't read the words. It may take a day or two extra but your order won't be delayed by much. Order as normal.

6) Your Contact Us page doesn't work!

Yes, I know. some clashing php upgrade module has caused the php code to break in some tiny corner of the php code and I don't have time to find and fix it. Just email andy(at)heresyetc (you know, the web address above ending in .com) and i will reply to you.

7) Do you ship to my country?

Yes, probably, unless it's China or Russia at the moment - sorry but too many pirate recasters selling stuff on ebay fo rme to be able to send there at the moment. Otherwise, i shup worldwide - create a customer account, make sure you're logged in, add something to the cart, and then go to your shopping basket and look below the cart contents and you will see a shipping esitimator that will give you prices for shipping via various methods. In the USA, the best way is Tracked as it doesn't cost a huge amount more than Standard but you get tracking notifications from USPS from every point of the process once it arrives in the country. And it's Express, takes at least 2 weeks less than Standard!

If you can't see your country listed in the dropdowns, i don't ship there.

8) I made a Kickstarter pledge with you and I want to add more stuff to it! How do I do that?

First of all, thanks for backing - now, you need to create a Customer Account on here, or Log In if you already have one (and you've used it in th elast two years or else it got deleted). Once set up and logged in, add whatever items you want to the basket, and upon checkout do the following for shipping:

  • If you are in the UK, then you can either choose Small Parcel shipping, First Class or Second Class, your choice, go for Signed For if you are worried about loss of your parcel, which covers you up to 2 kgs per parcel and should be fine, or if you prefer to wait until your whole pledge is ready before paying shiping, you can do the second option, the same as non-UK, which is:
  • If you are not UK-resident, i.e. the rest of the whole world, then when you checkout, choose Store Pick-Up: Add To Kickstarter and no shipping will be charges at this point. INstead, when your full pledge is ready to send, I will invoice you individually via email, using either Paypal or Square as you prefer
  • If you backed a Kickstarter using a cool fake name, remember to tell me what it was when you order so I can make a note on your KS account to link the added-on order to your main pledge!
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