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I am about to spend 3 solid weeks, mould-making for the two outstanding Kickstarters, so if you're OK with waiting until September before I send your order out, whilst I swear at cocktail sticks and superglue, you can use the Redemption Code WORKFASTERANDY (all capital letters as shown, enter in the Redemption Code box on checkout) to get an extra 20% off your order as a reward!

This 20% discount stacks on any other discounts currently on the cart at the time you order!

Offer expires 31st August at Midnight, UK time.


I have been informed that the cost of the silicone and resin I use will be going up by up to 15% at the end of the month due to the supplier's increased costs of importing, etc and I will have no option but to pass that increase on in the form of either increased prices or an end to the discounts available on the range in general - so if you've had your eye on something in resin, please buy it now and beat the February price rises!  The current discount codes end 31st January!

Check out the latest discount codes here!

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NEW - EU CUSTOMERS - You can now pay VAT upfront and avoid further import fees! Click here for info! 


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Important: BREXIT vs EU customers - VAT, Import Duties

PLease click here for the full list of options that you have as an EU customer

  • NEW IF YOU PREFER TO PAY THE FEES UP FRONT I can arrange this by sending via DPD or DHL courier. Costs for this option vary according to size, weight and value of your parcel, a typical 1kg or less parcel costs between £22.00 to £32.00 to send depending on order value - The VAT fee is paid upfront so there should be no further Import fees to pay (or so it claims on the site I'm looking at.) as DPD/DHL/etc will deal with it all at point of entry into the country. If you wish to use this option, check out as normal, do not apply the EUVAT code as you are paying the VAT as part of the general cost. When it comes to shipping, either choose the 'Store PickUp' option that says 'EU All Duties Paid Upfront' and I will work out the actual cost of shipping once the parcel is ready to send, and then send you an invoice for that amount. Smaller parcels cost around £22 (couriers never do things for cheap) as a guide. Make sure you include an email address that will accept emails from the website, and a telephone number, which is needed for the courier service to confirm you're real. of if you would rather pay there and then, choose the 'EU VAT PAID UPFRONT COURIER' option for £25.00. This should cover most orders, but if anything extra is needed I will let you know once the order is packed, measured and weighed!
  • To change currency from GBP to Euros, use the desktop version of this site, and then the Currencies option is available in the side menu

    Battlefield Berlin in Germany is an EU Supplier: Can't afford the import fees? Get together with friends to split the cost of the fees on an order, or
    you can order from Battlefield Berlin in Germany who can then order from me on your behalf! This way you can avoid the service charge. Support them!
    Click here to visit the Battlefield Berlin webshop (opens in new window)

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Gotta catch em all, etc

The second skeleton in the series of collectable 3-Up model kits, Bonana the Skeleton Barbarian, has now officially Sold Out. Thank you to all those who have bought one. Don't miss out on the others in the series! They can be found in the Limited Edition section.

Sold Out Bonan the skeleton Barbarian

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AUGUST 2021 WARNING: Metal prices have gone up by 40% this year, and I now have no choice but to put the prices of the metal figures up accordingly, effective immediately. i haven't done this for years, absorbing recent price increases, but this one is HUGE. It will take me some time to individually increase each figure, so if you order quickly enough you can save some money! The 20% off offer will end this Sunday, 1st of August, and prices will start to increase according to the weight of each figure, from Saturday afternoon. 

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  • I have reduced my time in the Post Office to once a week (Fridays) to try to limit my exposure to the virus, as I am at high risk of death. I only really need to use the post office for tracked items, so if your order uses standard delivery and I have packed it earlier in the week, I can drop it off in the parcel box near my unit instead of waiting until Friday.
  • Please keep ordering! I am totally reliant on new orders to pay the bills, now more than ever. Why not buy a Gift Voucher to help me out and spend the funds later? That would be brilliant.
  • Please note that as this global pandemic continues to interfere with the entire world's day to day systems, parcels may get delayed. Don't panic! They will turn up eventually, but you should expect everything around you to be affected somehow as workforces are told not to go to work.

Also, if you buy from my eBay store you should be able to pay the VAT in advance through eBay when purchasing,  I will be building this store up, over the next few weeks with the most popular items once I find out exactly how this process will work and what I need to do to comply with the VAT laws and Customs requirements through eBay. Link to follow!

(A similar scheme now applies to the UK and requires all non-UK companies to register int eh UK for VAT if I were to try to import anything over £135.00 in value such as a 3d printer from China or a sack of plastic bases from Spain. Nightmare!)

You will be charged VAT and may also be charged import duties by customs in order to clear your parcel. All items sent at 0% VAT rate (Duty To Be Paid)


Because the USA recently renegotiated their deal with the Universal Postal Union (Google it) and are now charging the rest of the world huge amounts for what is known as Last Mile Delivery, Royal Mail massively increased it's charges for Small Parcel boxes accordingly. Hugely so, with a 50% increase! There's nothing I can do about it, but I have figured a way to get the smaller orders out via Large Letter which will save not only the USA customers a fortune but also means everyone else can now use the smaller Large Letter rates if placing an order that qualifies - it's all about the size of the figures ordered, and the amount of figures ordered. Thre's only so much I can fit into a Large Letter sized box, so if you only order figures that fit into one, and your order comes to less than £60.00 GBP, you will see the option for Large Letter rate delivery when you checkout. If  a figure is too big to fit into a Large Letter box, you will see a warning on the information page for it declaring it to be "Minimum Delivery Method Small Parcel". JUst one of these in your order means a bigger box is definitely needed and the Small Parcel rates will apply regardless of order size. The current £60 limit is entirely theoretical and may have to be lowered if it turns out to be too many little figures on average! But so far it is working out well for the customers - if you choose the higher value Small Parcel option and it turns out I can fit it into a Large Letter box when it comes to packing, i will add some appropriate extra figures of some sort into your order to offset the difference if I can.


Unfortunately the UK supplier of the plastic bases that Heresy and all other indie miniatures makers over here use, is going through some Interesting Times. They've gone nto liquidationi and relaunched under slightly different names once or twice recently, and now they've been hiot by tht double whammy of Coroinavirus lockdown and moving production into Europe somewhere (reports vary as to where). What this means in real terms is none of use can get hold of any plastic bases for the next couple of months until the company has sorted itself out and is shipping again. I have made a note on the dropdown options of which bases are unavailable. (Also it means prices will likely rise on them again, what with Brexit and all the rates and tariffs and lorry drivers not being able to use their EU driving licenses/UK driving licences etc. Unless some currently unforeseen trade deal miraculously transpires to solve those problems hahahahahaha incompetent arrogant buffoons.)


CORONAVIRUS  I am now shipping all orders on Fridays each week only, in order to minimise my and others exposure, etc. Please keep ordering! I am totally reliant on new orders to pay the bills. Like most tiny one-man miniatures businesses I have no funds to live off unless people keep ordering. Why not buy a Gift Voucher to help me out and you can spend the funds later? That would be a brilliant help and saves any confusion.

 The entire United Kingdom is now in lockdown, and leaving the house has been banned for all but essential stuff like groceries. This means that I may not be able to post your order until the end of April as I am not supposed to travel to work, but we await further clarification. The situation is unprecedented - its a global pandemic! We are all going to be affected. Please be patient whilst the apocalypse settles into a familiar rhythm. REMAIN INDOORS. Your parcel will arrive as soon as possible!

  • I will try to get it out to you as soon as I can but for safety assume that it may not ship until the end of April, depending on how strict this lockdown gets and how long it lasts. This Pandemic is UNPRECEDENTED. We all have to do our bit to save lives. Please be patient!
  • I will be restricting the amount of days that I leave the house to go to the workshop, at the moment this will be one or two days a week. You will get a shipping notification when your order ships, check your junk folder. Please note that as this global pandemic continues to interfere with the entire world's day to day systems, parcels may get delayed. Don't panic! They will turn up eventually, but you should expect everything around you to be affected somehow as workforces are told not to go to work.
  • Please also note that I am at higher risk of DEATH if I catch the coronavirus. I have no desire to drown in my own lungs, like any sane person. I will try my best to get your orders out but please do bear with me whilst I strenuously avoid dying in order to do so. However, I will try to post orders at least once a week until a total ban takes effect, to avoid too much backlog building up as that is also problematic for me - it takes me ages to catch up with a big queue!


Getting quite a few enquiries from customers asking me to find their parcel, which is lost somewhere in the international mail or even in the UK mail. Varying degrees of anger and frustration. I sympathise entirely, but please understand that once I post your parcel I can't do anything more about it - from reports there seems to be an extra two weeks delay on most parcel deliveries, even tracked ones.

These big delays in the postal systems around the world are caused by the global pandemic, the need for distancing in warehouses, and staffing levels, so your order may take an unusually long time to arrive – even in the UK some areas are reporting a two week delay in first class mail, and I have had several enquiries on Tracked overseas items that are being held up in customs sorting offices etc.

If you have a tracking number from me, please keep checking it on your local postal service website (as well as UK one linked to in your email receipt) – if your item mysteriously disappears from your local country’s post office website system, it means it is likely on a shelf in a warehouse waiting to be sorted, be patient, it will turn up eventually! This has happened just this morning, with a tracked French parcel that was listed on the Royal Mail UK website as being in the local French Delivery Office on the 16th of April, but which had vanished off the French system! The customer contacted his local post office yesterday and was told there was no trace of it, only for it to turn up this morning, the 27th.

If you did not pay for tracking, all you can do is wait, it will turn up, but there's nothing we can do to make it happen faster, sorry. Your local post office service will deliver it whenever they deliver it. Global Pandemic! Unprecedented chaos! Worse-than-Christmas levels of parcels in the sorting offices! It's something of a nightmare just now.

So: Keep ordering but be patient, and most importantly, stay indoors, stay safe and paint some of those miniatures you've already got while you're waiting! :)

Thanks again to all of you for your orders this month - it means a lot to me, it really does!

All the best,
Andy Foster,
Heresy Miniatures Ltd

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Work In Progress 3-UP Skeleton with spear, part of the plastic Skeleton Warriors project!


The UK will, sadly, be leaving the EU at the end of January, and we don't yet know what this will mean for our EU customers - hopefully something will be agreed that keeps the import value limits at a very reasonable level (USA for instance, has a £500 limit before duties are applied) To be certain of avoiding any duties and fees at all, you need to order NOW and be sure to use the discount codes for December to save further money! You can get Free Shipping or up to 20% EXTRA off your order! See DISCOUNT CODES section for more info!

SALUTE 2020 - I Won't See You There.

Sadly for the first time since 2004 or something, Heresy will not be attending Salute in London next April as a Trader, as there simply weren't spare funds to pay the huge stand cost at the start of December this year. I am absolutely gutted not to be there as I love the show, but on the other hand I won't miss the 3 months of 12 hour days casting and packing to try and get ready for the show - every year it just about kills me, I even gave myself Type 2 Diabetes in 2018! (I have got that in remission now with some serious lifestyle/diet changes, feel free to ask me for more info if you are similarly afflicted! Or visit,  and google Low Carb High Fat Diet). Also the show has become less and less profitable for me in recent years and I even made a loss last year attending because of all the metal, silicone and resin needed to get ready, plus th ehotels, van hire, fuel and food costs for the weekend. So i'ts mixed feelings, but hopefully I can return triumphantly in 2021 waving plastic skeletons about the place! News on those very soon!

November Newsletter Subscriber Offers

Will Andy find the huge amount of money to pay for the Salute stand next year, by the end of this month? Only you can decide - buy something! UPDATE: He did not. Heresy will not be attending Salute as  a Trader for the first time since 2004 or something...

Undeath and Taxes

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3-Up Skeleton Wave 1








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