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For orders under €134,00/3000NOK please use Etsy instead!


Everyone who orders during February will be entered into a Free Draw to win £30 of Heresy Store Credit!

If you've already ordered this month, you are automatically entered. All orders received before the last day of the month are eligible, and the draw is made on the first day of the following month (so, 1st November will be the first draw, first of December will be the second draw, and 1st of January will be the third draw) Winners will be notified by email, so make sure you give a correctly spelled, valid email address when ordering.

Winner will be drawn at random each month, and the Store Credit only applies to the main Heresy shop, not the Etsy one (sorry)

Winners So Far:
October '23: Simon S. (UK)
November '23: Philip V. (UK)
December '23: Chris B. (UK)
January '24: Jason D. (USA)
February '24: Matthew P. (UK)


No Purchase Necessary bit:

To enter without ordering, send a clearly legible postcard or letter with your name, address and email address to: Heresy Miniatures, Unit 5, Napoleon Business Park, Derby, DE24 8HL. Entries must be received by the last day of the month and you will receive one entry into the draw regardless of how many letters you send.

You must have a customer account on the main Heresy online store to receive the Store Credit! Credit may be sent to your friends as per normal, see How To Buy And Use Gift Vouchers for more info

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