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PayPal vs SQUARE

It used to be the case that you did not need a Paypal account to check out with Paypal! You can usually just check out using any debit or credit card, wherever you are in the world (more or less) and they will process it separately from any Paypal account, just follow th einstructions on the Paypal payment screen. However, very recently Paypal have started forcing random customers to sign up for an account. I have talked to them about this and they insist it's a security thing and shouldn't happen often, but if you get asked to do this, and don't want to, simply use the Square card payment option during checkout instead. Where it says 'Enter Card Details' below the 'Checkout with Paypal' option. You should be able to use any card.


If you pay with Paypal, Keep clicking through all the screens until you are sent back to the Heresy shop site and see the "Job's A Good 'Un'" Boris telling you it was a success!

If you pay by proper Paypal account instead of by a card of some sort, and did not click through until you saw the Checkout Success page, check your Paypal account to see if any payment was taken.

If you log back into the site and see that your shopping cart is still full, it shows that your order was not put through!

If you entered your email address correctly, you should get an emailed receipt showing what you ordered, from the Heresy shop. Check your junk folder!


Paypal Credit

If you are outside the UK and want to use Paypals credit option to make a large purchase, you will need to switch currencies to your local one to allow this. Use the desktop version of the site on your desktop computer, the Currencies option is on th eleft hand menu. Paypal will then be able to offer you the option (or not) as normal. Paypal Credit is nothing to do with Heresy, obviously, but people asked me to help them use it so that's how you do it.


Checking out without a Heresy customer account

I do not currently have the means to provide the COWOA option, so the site requires you to make a customer account to complete the process of checking out. However, if you wish me to delete your customer account once the order has been sent and received, just let me know via the Contact Us page or by direct email!

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