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Your favourite Heresy Miniatures figures, now in plastic! The new Siocast method of injection thermoplastic means you can get all the detail of resin in a thermoplastic medium. The material is more durable than standard plastic or resin as it is less brittle and it loves being painted - in fact, the plastic doesn't even really need to be undercoated, they say! Science!

This thermo plastic is NOT the same type of plastic as more expensive kits produced by the big companies, via China - use superglue to assemble as polystyrene cement aka plastic glue won't work here! It is not PVC either, not a 'soft' plastic and not a 'hard' plastic - it's a 'medium' plastic! Fully recyclable, too!

Siocast Plastic Man-Bat Vampire #01

Siocast Plastic Man-Bat Vampire #01

PRE-ORDER - This model will ship after all the...
Siocast Plastic Ghoul King

Siocast Plastic Ghoul King

The Ghoul King has been re-engineered for a much...
Siocast Plastic Ghoul Tribe (12 Figures)

Siocast Plastic Ghoul Tribe (12 Figures)

  Re-engineered for easier assembly and no...
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