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  • Giant Scorpion - Resin & Metal version

    These creepy looking beasties come in 11 parts - 8 metal legs, 2 metal pincer/claws, and the resin body. As with all Heresy miniatures they had little in the way of flash, requiring minimal preparation, and have excellent detail. Like the spiders I drilled out the leg and pincer sockets on the body with a drill prior to assembly. Whilst the assembly did require some patience (I have sausage fingers!) the whole process was angst free. I'd suggest fitting the front/back legs first to ensure both proper fit and pose before fitting the remaining legs, followed by the pincers.
    Another very nice miniature, the Giant Scorpion is great VFM at £8 and highly recommended.
  • Monstrous Spider - (NEW) RESIN & Metal version

    This is a truly marvellous miniature of a spider! It comes in 10 parts - 8 metal legs, 1 metal sprue of 2 pedopalps, and the resin body. Despite looking fiddly to assemble, it proved quick and easy to do so. Like most of Heresys miniatures there was a minimum of flash requiring removal, and the detail is excellent.
    I used a drill with a bore equal to the size of the ball joint on each leg to drill out each leg socket on the body, then glued the legs into the enlarged holes, resulting in a quick, solid & neat fit for all the legs. I also drilled out the pedopalp sockets with a smaller drill - I recommend fitting the palps first, before any legs. I suggest fitting the legs front left + right first (to ensure the miniature stands level), the hind left + right legs (that way you can choose a rearing posture, hunched, etc) then once those 4 leg are in place and solid, stand the miniature up and fit the remaining legs.
    This is an excellent miniature and well worth the £12 price tag.
    Warning - rolled up newspaper NOT included!

    This was the second Heresy Miniatures Troll I bought, and a very fine miniature it is too. It comes in 6 parts (2 choices of head, 2 forearms with talons, upper torso, lower torso with the legs. The detailing on the Snow Trolls fur is amazing and the pose aggressively dynamic, being hunched forwards brandishing its talons and snarling (the choice of heads is either open mouthed snarling/roaring, or closed mouthed). The Snow Troll did require a bit of preparation - mostly minor flash removal and tidying - prior to assembly (and care should be taken not to remove any of the fine fur detail - its fur, not flash!) but the fit of the parts was good and the whole process from opening the bag to final basing (the wide legged stances means a 50mm base is required) took less than 30 minutes. Once finished you'll have an (un-)lovely Snow Troll with which to terrorize your role-players and opponents.
    Excellent value and highly recommended at £15.

    The resin Dungeon Troll is a great value miniature. Coming in 3 parts (left arm, right arm, and everything else) it is of substantial size, with excellent detail and a dynamic pose - the Troll is snarling and waving it's huge talons that are nastiness itself! Although a small amount of preparation was required - mainly minor flash removal and the like - the fit of the parts was good and so assembly took just minutes. The wide legged stance requires a 50mm base. Once completed you'll have something your gaming opponent or role-players will remember ... for as long as it takes to eat them!
    Altogether, an excellent miniatures and great VFM at £15.
  • Female Seer - Layla

    The Layla miniature comes as a single piece casting that requires almost 0% preparatory work before basing - excellent! As with the other miniatures in this range detail is both delicate and great, rewarding the painters efforts.
    Good value for just £4.
  • Waspquito

    The Waspquito miniature was bigger than I expected and came in 6 pieces - 4 wings, torso & 1 set of legs, plus the other legs. Although the legs did require flash removal the remainder of the miniature required next to none. I found it was better to glue the torso to the flight base prior to gluing the legs & wings on, it made handling it that bit easier. Although pinning the wings is recommended, I used a drill that matched the diameter of the 'ball' on each of the 4 wings to drill out the holes on the torso for said wings - the wings glued directly into the enlarged holes very snugly without pinning resulting in a strong join.
    The Waspquito has excellent detail and is decidedly worth its £4 price - I heartily recommend them.
1–6 of 119 items