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  • Mucklegeet The Giant

    Marcus L.
    The size, the pose, all of these are incredible. But the most amazing aspect bringing this giant to life has to the detail in the surface textures. From the animal furs to the corroded metal and finally the deeply creased skin, this model stands above the rest (I know, bad pun) when it comes to this detail.

    Daniel R.
    Disgusting, vile, horrific. An incredible piece. Fits together easily, looks terrific.
  • D-06 General Duty Robot (Base Unit)

    Bert K.
    I bought two of these lovely droid, not everything fitted perfect but that are things I like in the hobby, playing and be creative with it. A absolute joy to paint for beginners and experts alike, any painting theme you want, you can't go wrong with them. Can join any game of Sci-fi.
  • Big Boris III (Metal version is LIMITED EDITION)

    Torsten E.
    This miniature is Awesome! I'm still laughing everytime I see him! I picked up the miniature in metal and he is definitely an impressively sized and weighted terror! Hats off to the artist who designed him! I can't wait to start using him in our gaming sessions! I highly recommend you buy this one!
  • Mucklegeet The Giant

    gavin u.
    Amazing miniature. Easy to put together, and practically paints itself.
  • Ghoul Tribe Deal

    Harley M.

    Ghouls arrived early than expected and the quality was great. Andy even through in some zombies which was an awesome surprise. Excellent! Thanks man, look forward to getting more for my next mordheim warband!
1–6 of 134 items