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Hellhound #3 (full pelt running)


By: VICTOR DOBSON Date Added: 09/26/2016
The running Hellhound is simply brilliant! I bought 5 Hellhounds in total (2 standing, 2 leaping, 1 running) but although all of them are great, this one was by far the best.
Cast in 6 pieces (including the Bathound head I opted for) it required very little work prior to assembly and was both quick and easy to assemble (I expected it to be more fiddly than it proved). The final miniature has by far the most dynamic pose of all the Hellhounds and looks the part. As for the head options, how many miniatures companies allow their customers to specify what heads they want and supply them without any undue angst or extra cost? Brilliant stuff.
Great value for money.