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Monstrous Spider - (NEW) RESIN & Metal version

Monstrous Spider - (NEW) RESIN & Metal version

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This marvellous and terrifyingly creepy model is now supplied as a large solid resin torso with eight metal legs and two metal pedopalps. This means it is now a lot easier to put together than the previous version, where the metal body was 3 separate parts that had to be assembled and filled

RESIN ITEM: This pack contains resin figures - they should be washed in warm soapy water (use washing up detergent ie for dishes) using an old toothbrush to remove any remaining mould-release agent before being painted. If sanding or filing resin, please wear a dustmask to prevent inhalation of fine resin dust. Resin models must be glued using superglue (cyanoacrylate).

As resin figures are cast by hand and it is a labour-intensive, time-consuming process, there may be a delay in filling your order whilst we cast stock up, if demand is great. Please be patient!


Monstrous Spider

Giant rolled up newspapers not included!

Pack contains resin spider body, 8 x metal (tin alloy) legs, 2 x metal pedopalps (actual name, i.e. the little fang-like arms).

Please note that this model is a bit big for any of our plastic bases. We recommend using a free CD or one of those huge plastic bases from another wargames manufacturer. Andy will be making a large resin base at som epoint that will be useful for this model, once he's clear of the Kickstarter.

Sculpted by Mike Thorp

Multi-part resin & metal figure kit requires pinning, gluing and some gap-filling to smooth over joins.

We cast all our resin and metal figures ourselves on-site, so don't worry if this pack is marked as 'Out Of Stock' as we will cast it up and fill your order as quickly as normal. Resin figures are also cast on-site but may take a day or two longer as it is a much more involved process and you have to wait an hour or so just to remove one casting from one mould.

All figures supplied Unpainted and Unassembled!

Miniatures, artwork and images ©Heresy Miniatures Ltd. All rights reserved.


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  • VICTOR D. - Sep 09, 2017
    This is a truly marvellous miniature of a spider! It comes in 10 parts - 8 metal legs, 1 metal sprue of 2 pedopalps, and the resin body. Despite looking fiddly to assemble, it proved quick and easy to do so. Like most of Heresys miniatures there was a minimum of flash requiring removal, and the detail is excellent. I used a drill with a bore equal to the size of the ball joint on each leg to drill out each leg socket on the body, then glued the legs into the enlarged holes, resulting in a quick, solid & neat fit for all the legs. I also drilled out the pedopalp sockets with a smaller drill - I recommend fitting the palps first, before any legs. I suggest fitting the legs front left + right first (to ensure the miniature stands level), the hind left + right legs (that way you can choose a rearing posture, hunched, etc) then once those 4 leg are in place and solid, stand the miniature up and fit the remaining legs. This is an excellent miniature and well worth the £12 price tag. Warning - rolled up newspaper NOT included!
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