Occulak II (With 4 Tendrils)

Occulak II (With 4 Tendrils)

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The basic Occulak With Tendrils model comes with a sprue of four tendrils that you can place pretty much anywhere on the body. You can purchase an extra set of 6 resin tendrils (design may vary) to upgrade your Occulak to the multi-tendril version pictured. Pictured on 40mm round base.

Resin model kit - requires washing in warm soapy water with a toothbrush to remove any trace of residue (we use a paintable mould  release but it's stil helpful) prior to assembly and priming with a paint suitable for plastic models. Any gaps should be filled with modelling putty where needed. Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Designed and sculpted by Andy Foster

Occulaks are powerful demons in their own right, often ruling a labyrinth all of their own and hatching diabolical plans to infest the world of mortals with more of their kind. But they can also be found advising Dark Lords or in the service of more powerful Demon Lords serving as slavemasters or just as guards of the outer levels of a lair or dungeon. In this capacity they are psychically linked to their Master or Mistress and can transmit anything they see to their overlord's eyes, ruining the surprise for the would-be Heroes looking to plunder. occulaks have a basic fleshy round shape, sometimes appearing as swollen body parts, sometimes as llittle more than a floating blob; all Occulaks can manifest lashing tendrils or disturbing limbs at will, bursting them out through orifices torn through their own flesh, to attack without mercy. they can impregnate a victim using their special attacks, causing that unfortunate soul to mutate and grow and become a new Occulak!



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