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Waspquitoes can be found throughout the warmer realms of the world, but particularly in the muggy, clammy Swamplands, where they normally feed on the slow moving Grokk, a giant herbivore that feeds on the plantlife of the area. However, a few Dark Lords have found that they can successfully breed these massive insects provided that they simply keep those areas of their dungeons suitably warm and supply them with regular hot dinners in the form of unwary adventurers or, of course, any minions who have displeased them. (Employee motivational courses are a wholly different thing when it comes to Dark Lords and Dark Ladies)

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This a metal multi-part kit. It consists of a torso, and four separate wings, which you should pin and glue using a small amount of thin mild steel wire and superglue to avoid them being knocked off in future. Each waspquito comes with a plastic flying stand and flying stand base.

PLEASE NOTE: We cast all our metal figures on-site so if this item is marked as out of stock it can still be purchased - it will be cast up the same day, so there should be no delays in your order.

Designed & Sculpted by Andy Foster



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  • VICTOR D. - Jun 14, 2017
    The Waspquito miniature was bigger than I expected and came in 6 pieces - 4 wings, torso & 1 set of legs, plus the other legs. Although the legs did require flash removal the remainder of the miniature required next to none. I found it was better to glue the torso to the flight base prior to gluing the legs & wings on, it made handling it that bit easier. Although pinning the wings is recommended, I used a drill that matched the diameter of the 'ball' on each of the 4 wings to drill out the holes on the torso for said wings - the wings glued directly into the enlarged holes very snugly without pinning resulting in a strong join. The Waspquito has excellent detail and is decidedly worth its £4 price - I heartily recommend them.
Product 4/7