Apprentice Mage/Liche/Warlock

Apprentice Mage/Liche/Warlock

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Sebastien, Apprentice Mage / Liche / Warlock

Comes with three heads to choose from to enable you to create an apprentice human Mage, a skull-faced liche or a horn-headed Warlock as you prefer!

Sculpted by Matt Lord and Andy Foster

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  • Andrew S. - Apr 08, 2018
    Just finished painting this model as a gift for a friend - an absolute joy! Fits together like a dream, choice of heads...if you need a necromancer, chaos sorcerer, wizard...this is totally the model for you!
  • VICTOR D. - Sep 26, 2016
    With 3 head options to choose from, you get a lot of variety from this one miniature. Cast in 3 pieces (torso, heads sprue & hand/staff) it required a small amount of work prior to basing and assembly. The parts required minimal work - some filing to ensure a flush fit for the head. Good value for money, especially when matched with a suitable familiar.
  • Reece M. - Jun 07, 2016
    Brought this along with a familiar model and the two compliment one another perfectly. Good casting detail and though some trimming of the heads were needed to make the model fit the body perfectly (what metal model doesn't?) it otherwise was a joy to put together.
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