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Mullet The Barbarian - flaming torch version

Mullet The Barbarian - flaming torch version

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Mullet the Barbarian was one of the first figures Andy Foster ever sculpted for the Heresy range back in 2002, and now he's back! Mullet II, in deference to the original barbarian figure, carries a flaming torch to light his way in the night-black dungeons of the foul creatures he hunts. He also carries the Axe of B'Dazz, a fearsome weapon that causes horrific wounds with every hacking blow. He also carries a back-up throwing axe tucked into his belt, and enough magic potions to keep him alive for five minutes, what with the lack of armour and everything...

Sculpted by Andy Foster

Pack Contents: Mullet II Body with torch, right arm with Axe of B'Dazz, sword in furry scabbard, blank shield, plastic base.

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  • VICTOR D. - Jan 16, 2017
    This excellent miniature comes in 4 pieces - 1 torso/head/legs/arms/torch + 1 right hand with that axe, 1 sword in scabbard, and 1 shield. Detail is again excellent and will reward a good painter, whilst pre-assembly clean-up work was minimal and the actual assembly itself easy and painless. It's not required to use all the pieces - you could leave off the sword or the shield easily - I didn't use the shield and the miniature still looks great. Optionally, with just a bit of work you could cut/file off the upheld torch and then attach the shield to the back of Mullets left arm/hand to end up with an upraised arm/shield. Very nice too, and for just £6.00.
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