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Random Zombies

Random Zombies


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Not bothered which zombies you get as long as they're Zombies?

Need a big ol' horde of them?

Simply buy as many Random Zombies as ou need here and we'll supply them in bulk - we'll do our best to get you as many different zombies as possible but bear in mind there will likely be duplicates, especially if you order more than the amount of different figures available!


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  • Anthony S. - Apr 24, 2017
    The Eolith/Spyglass range is full of incredible miniatures. I have a set of the 6 sculpts they produced, and the detailing on them is so fine that I'm amazed they cast as sharp as they did. The child zombie is TINY, and full of great detail and all of them have a ton of character. $1.02 US each is a STEAL for these guys.
Product 6/6