Painless Joe II, 'Tank' with REX-Tech Plasma Cannon

Painless Joe II, 'Tank' with REX-Tech Plasma Cannon

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'Painless Joe II', Tank with REX-Tech Plasma Cannon


REX_Tech: Reverse Engineered Xeno-Technology


After mankind encountered the Feebloids, the various world governments turned to the many multinational corporations for their aid in reverse engineering the terrifying alien weaponry and technology they had encountered on the battlefields. Although their first efforts were cruder and much bulkier, some surviving examples of the various efforts have made their way into service amongst the scattered colonies of the Humans where the many warring gangs, ex-military untis and general nutbags have got their hands on them.

This REX-Tech Plasma Cannon, manufactured by Wang Industries of the  Chinese Territories uses duel resonating chambers to generate the frequencies needed to liquefy energy into a plasma state that can be magnetically held by a propelled missile shard so that it explodes ferociously upon impact with a target.


Sculpted by Andy Foster

Pack Contents: Torso, Right Arm with Cannon, Generator Backpack, Left Arm with Handle

Multi-part (lead-free tin alloy) metal figure kit with plastic base: as with all kits of this kind it will probably require pinning, gluing and possibly some minor filling to smooth over some joins.

All figures supplied Unpainted and Unassembled!

Miniatures, artwork and images ©Heresy Miniatures Ltd. All rights reserved.

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  • Steve M. - Nov 23, 2011
    This is a beast of a miniature. The plasma gun is certainly a heavy weapon. Full of character and crisply cast, if you have a gang and need some fire-power this one is a must! He is the perfect addition to the gang and would fit in just as well with a mercenary force or even (with a military paint-scheme) an intergalactic marine force.
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