Berserk Big Boris #1, Half-Ogre Barbarian

Berserk Big Boris #1, Half-Ogre Barbarian


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BORIS02 Berserk Big Boris #1, Half-Ogre Barbarian

Grrrraaaaarrrggh! The Big Man loses it big time! Supplied with choice of two heads (helmeted/bare), choice of arms, Boris Axe Mk 1 plus one other random Mk1 Big Boris weapon.

This is a metal figure kit. We cast all our metal figure kits in-house so you can safely ignore the stock levels - we'll cast it up if needed and your order will ship as normal!


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  • VICTOR D. - Jun 14, 2017
    Another of the big guy for my collection! Berserk Big Boris is an excellent miniature that arrived as a jumble of parts, including a choice of heads and weapons (my only issue would be that it was a bit awkward figuring out which arm choice goes with which weapon - check the fit & positioning before gluing!!). Despite the number of parts it assembled very easily with only a little clean up work required. Pinning is a good idea if you're going to use Boris as a gaming piece. I opted for the very Boris big axe! The pose is extremely dynamic and the detail is spot-on too - all in all a very nice miniature, and great value for money.
Product 4/12