Kneadatite 'Green Stuff' Tube

Kneadatite 'Green Stuff' Tube

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Kneadatite Blue/Yellow Putty aka 'Green Stuff' in Tube format


More elastic than procreate but still pretty easy to use. The Industry standard until very recently... Keep your unused putty frozen to keep it fresh almost indefinitely! We recommend rolling each tube of blue and yellow into 1cm balls and keeping the two colours in separate tubs in the freezer. Take out as much as you need each time, leave the rest in the freezer to keep it fresh!There is the same amount of putty in the tube and ribbon formats of greenstuff.

The ribbon format and the tube format versions of Kneadatie Blue/Yellow both have the same amount in them, it's just differently packaged. The tape is often found to be more convenient to use for figure sculpting, but be certain to keep it frozen (and vacuum packed if possible!) to help delay the two colours reacting along the toughing edge. The tube is great for making larger pieces such as dragons, terrain features, etc.

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