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Dark Dwarf Lord Va'Durr

Dark Dwarf Lord Va'Durr

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Dark Dwarf Lord Va'Durr

The Dark Dwarves take their worship of the god Sci-Henss to the extreme, forging unearthly weaponry in their mountain fortresses, clouds of fumes belching forth and poisoning the lands around them. The Dark Dwarf Lords are the most fiendish of all, enslaving and lobotomising even their own race into mindless servants called Drones that patrol their lairs armed with devastating weaponry with which to slaughter intruders.

This kit includes torso, head, right hand with energy sword, right hand with Deathball - making him usable in all sorts of games and settings!

Sculpted by Andy Foster

Multi-part metal figure kit

Metal model kit - as with all our metal figure kits we cast them up on site so if this model is marked as Out Of Stock you can ignore that warning - we will just cast it up for your order as normal!

Please note that all our figure kits are supplied unassembled and unpainted. They may need pinning, supergluing and gap-filling prior to painting with acrylic paints.

Please note, does not include any of the scenic bases pictured - these have been added by the talented painters!


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  • VICTOR D. - Jun 14, 2017
    What can I say? I bought this as much for a laugh as anything, but the actual miniature in the lead is excellent, with great detail and a nice pose that simply oozes "I find you lack of faith disturbing!" ... or words to that effect. Assembly following the quick clan-up was pain free and short. Once based Va'Durr will reward a suitably black paint scheme. Great fun and excellent value at £5 - buy one and your faith will be rewarded ...