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Saucy Succubi Deal (3 figures)

Saucy Succubi Deal (3 figures)


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Saucy Succubi deal (3 figures)

Succubi and Incubi are in fact the same demons, shapeshifters that appear in whatever form will most fulfil the summoner's darkest sexual desires, be that male, female, hermaphrodite or tentacle beast! Having seduced their victim and left them unconscious with exhaustion, the succubus feeds on their souls each night as payment, taking a little more each time until the victim loses all self will and becomes a mindless puppet of the Netherhells!

This pack contains one of each of the 3 different succubi kits pictured. The pack can be supplied with individual 25mm, 30mm or 32mm bases for the three figures, or you can choose a single 50mm or larger base if you want to display th ethre figfures as a mini diorama of some sort. Just choose the type of base required from the dropdown option above.

Sculpted by Andy Foster

All models supplied unpainted and unassembled!

We cast all our metal figures ourselves on-site, so don't worry if this pack is marked as 'Out Of Stock' as we will cast it up and fill your order as quickly as normal.


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  • VICTOR D. - Sep 11, 2016
    Woohoo - what's not to like? All three of Heresy's succubus in one go! Succubus #1 (red skinned in the image above) is cast as a single piece, reclining on her left side. Apart from some minor flash on the (finely cast) horns which required careful removal, the miniature was virtually flash free and so quick to base. Detail is excellent, and the pose suitably seductive. Succubus #2 (light blue skinned in the image above) is cast in 2 pieces (head + torso) and is posed lying on her stomach. The miniature was once again 99% flash free, so apart from filing smooth the join between the head and torso, no actual 'work' was required to prepare the miniature prior to basing. The detail is excellent, and this time the pose is suggestively playful. Succubus #3 (dark blue skinned in the image above) is cast in 2 pieces, head/right-hand + torso, and is posed sitting semi upright. Apart from some minor flash on the horns to remove, and some smoothing of the join, preparation work is minimal and so progress to basing quick. The detailing is again excellent, & the pose suitably suggestive. All three of these fine miniatures for £7.50 makes this a great offer for some great miniatures.