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Dark Brethren Cultist Tunnel Guard (Pack of 3)

Dark Brethren Cultist Tunnel Guard (Pack of 3)

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Dark Brethren Cultist Tunnel Guard (Pack of 3)

The Tunnel Guard are the insane worshippers of that wretched demonic entity known as the Tunnel Dweller.

There are several different head variants for the Tunnel Guard - bald, hockeymasked, bald with ponytail, leather face masks - see the pics for more info, and then let us know which type you'd prefer!

Designed by Rob Carey (check out the cool artwork he submitted for the Heretic's Ball back in 2004!)Sculpted by Paul Muller (variant heads converted by Andy Foster)

All models supplied unpainted and unassembled!

These figures are designed to accompany HM020 Giant Slugs (pack of 3), using their hooks to herd the disgusting, flesh-eating slug-things into combat!


Metal model kit - as with all our metal figure kits we cast them up on site so if this model is marked as Out Of Stock you can ignore that warning - we will just cast it up for your order as normal!

Please note that all our figure kits are supplied unassembled and unpainted. They may need pinning, supergluing and gap-filling prior to painting with acrylic paints.



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  • VICTOR D. - Jan 15, 2017
    The Tunnel Guard cultists come in 3 pieces each - torso, polearm and your choice of head (how many other companies let you choose your own head?). All are well detailed, with the detail rewarding the creative painter. They were almost flash free, so clean-up work was minimal prior to assembly/basing. Each Guards pose is different, so you won't get any duplication unless you buy more than 1 pack. Add in the command pack, a Tunnel Priest and a few Giant Slugs, and you've got a ready made force all set to drive your hapless players into the arms of ... Great value for money at £10 too.
  • Rob G. - Apr 14, 2013
    Having painted and converted more than a few of these guys, I can say, great minis with a number of head options to let you have many squads, all with different looks. Not much work in the way of clean up, and assembly is simple, just attach the pole weapon with integral hands and you're on your way. Build your own army today, and don't forget the command groups and priests to lead them to victory!