VINCENT B. RUDDOCK, Wanted Criminal

VINCENT B. RUDDOCK, Wanted Criminal

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Sculpted by Andy Foster

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Single Piece metal figure

All figures supplied Unpainted and Unassembled!

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  • Adam Y. - Nov 13, 2018
    Whether you are looking for a certain bald fugitive with silver eyes to make a cameo appearance in your Starfinder campaign, or want a hero in a certain game about a grimdark future who can kill people with teacups, this mini will be sure to fit the occasion. What impresses me the most about the Ruddock sculpt is the musculature and the personality crafted into this piece. It is a relatively easy miniature to paint, as the sculptor does a lot of the work for you; even a basic wash and drybrush will look good here, but the muscles lend themselves well to advanced blending techniques to make the model truly imposing. But the best thing I like about this model are all the fun accessories sculpted right on here: the harness with the cable, the goggles, and that (in)famous teacup. Even the boots have laces on them! You can tell the sculptor crafted this piece with care.
Product 5/7