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25 Figure Complete Gang Collection Super Deal

25 Figure Complete Gang Collection Super Deal

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This exclusive deal is only available directly from Heresy - it now contains all 25 figures currently available in the Trenchcoat Gang range, including the latest releases, along with enough optional guns to arm them all and your choice of plastic bases.

This collection would cost you £129.50 individually, but you can save loads off the separate RRP by buying them in this offer!


Sculpted by Andy Foster

Pack Contents:

25 Multi-part and single part metal figure kits with plastic bases: as with all kits of this kind they will require pinning, gluing and possibly some minor filling to smooth over some joins. This deal is supplied with enough random weapons to make a varied selection of figures where applicable.

All figures supplied Unpainted and Unassembled!

Miniatures, artwork and images ©Heresy Miniatures Ltd. All rights reserved.

If this item is listed as Out Of Stock please feel free to ignore that warning - we cast all our metal miniatures up on site and your order will be filled as normal! The stock levels on the cart can't really reflect this rolling refill as accurately as possible!



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  • David S. - Aug 17, 2015
    First order from Hersey , jumped in with both feet and bought 25 ganger set . 1) Service that is the envy of many companies . Got my order fast and nicely packed . I did not notice a minor error in the order but one of the minions did, and corrected it before I noticed . 2) Excellent pieces , great detail, dynamic poses ,will be a joy to paint . Lots of customizing bits . You cannot go wrong with this set . great choice of tasty treats in package too.
  • Chris Y. - Feb 06, 2014
    Awesome miniatures! Beautifully sculpted and very well cast - very little mould lines, flashing etc. Comes with large number of weapon sprues so huge number of building / converting options. Perfect for any gang based games you can think of... They look great in the pictures, but even better on your table!
  • Darren C. - Nov 02, 2012
    This is the first time I’ve ever reviewed anything I have bought online. The reason is simple; I’ve never felt compelled to do so. Until now... I bought these miniatures for a very popular gang-warfare game of the 1990’s, which is still popular today (you know the one I mean; backwards it would say Ad-num-or-cen). As a modeller of almost 17 years, these miniatures sum up why I like this hobby so much. They were sculpted, cast and reproduced with pride. They are clean and crisp, and a joy to put together. Sure there are parts which needed pinning and cleaning up with modelling putty, but that’s to be expected. In summery, these miniatures will fit in perfectly in the underbelly of Ad-num-or-cen, which I’m sure is just a coincidence... P.S – The postage and packaging was spot on! Also, I had no problems with this order, but I suspect if I did the Heresy team would have done there best to sort it out. So what are you waiting for Heretic?! Let the gang warfare erupt! ;) D