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Captain Nathan

Captain Nathan

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Sculpted by Andy Foster

Pack Contents: 1 x body, a sprue of left arm, separate gun, and gunhand.

Multi-part metal figure kit: as with all kits of this kind it will probably require pinning, gluing and possibly some minor filling to smooth over some joins.

All figures supplied Unpainted and Unassembled!

We cast all metal figures on-site so don't worry if this model appears to be out of stock, we will cast it up for you and your order will ship as normal!

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  • Paul T. - Mar 29, 2016
    Okay, he's the spitting image of a certain Browncoat Captain from Firefly/Serenity, right down to his trademark Heckler & Koch VP70 pistol (Yes, boys and girls, it's a REAL pistol, not one cobbled together for the TV series/film), and western style duster. Which, in my eyes, is the epitome of fan worship, if, like me, you're a Browncoat and proud of it. The detail on the model is exquisite, with a flowing style and dramatic pose that really brings out the "noble" character of Mal/Captain Nathan. Even the wight of his duster is on target, as they are actually made of quite heavy material, and so don't flap out behind when running, but droop down over the back of the legs, as shown in this pose. The braces/suspenders are also sublime, as is the gun belt and holster (Belt and braces combined makes a man feel very secure about keeping his trousers up, no doubt). The shirt is beautifully sculpted, showing the direction of his upper body twisting as he aims his pistol, contrasted very nicely with his lower torso/clothing showing the opposing strain on his clothes as he runs. The boots are well done, if a little chunky for my taste, but I'm not complaining. The gloves are the correct dimensions, and don't resemble 12oz boxing gloves, as I've seen on other figures. they're the correct size, just slightly larger than normal hands, which is perfect. The face and hair are very, very well done, with an expression of both determination and a touch of anger etched across the face, as he races to protect his booty/crew member. the hair is very slightly feathered back from the face, and is a true joy to see, as it's not chunky, but finely detailed, and actually looks as if the wind is blowing through it in his hurry to take care of business. Not only is this a beautifully crafted miniature, but it also has spare right hands, so you can use the spares on other figures, and, with a little imagination and some careful conversion/sculpting, this figure could also become the character Darian Frey, from Chris Woodings "Tales of the Ketty Jay" series (Think of a Steampunk Firefly adventure series). I'm going to get the rest of the smugglers & anti-heroes next, just to complete the team/crew, and see where their inspiration takes me in the 'Verse :-)