This model is still work in progress, as you can see, but the final model will be very similar to the photos. Mucklegeet will be holding a Paladin knight in his right hand, about to munch him down like a hot dog. The weapon in the left hand may be a sort of huge improvised shepherd's hook-cum-sickle, or possibly an axe blade.

You ARE PAYING FOR A PRODUCTION CASTING OF THIS KIT, not a MASTER Casting. Master castings are taken from the first mould made of a part and as such may have higher detail or even some details that get changed for Production when they turnout to be a problem for some reason. Each casting reduces a mould's lifespan, so Master Castings are extremely precious as they can't always be replaced. Production moulds are made from Master Castings.

I am expecting to finish the main sculpt of Mucklegeet The Giant in May, after the Salute show, if I can't get it done before (and I will be trying very hard to do so). Please be patient as dates can easily change in that respect. Assuming that all goes well, you should expect to receive your Mucklegeet production casting around August depending on where you are in the world, once all the Backers from the Kickstarter (which is where he originated) have had theirs sent out first.


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