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"Shockwyrms are able to move through rock and earth by phasing through the solid matter, before becoming fully corporeal moments before they burst out to attack their prey. They generate huge amounts of magical and electrical energy when doing this, which they use to blast their victims with bolts of lightning like energy from their stubby limb-like claws, feasting on the seared remains..."

Sculpted by Mike Thorp of Twilight Miniatures, and temporarily available from Heresy because Mike is such a cool guy.

Single piece resin casting with 40mm round plastic base.

We cast all our resin and metal on site so don't worry too much if it seems to be out of stock, your order will be filled as normal, within a day or two if something has to be cast.

Resin models should be washed in warm soapy water and dried before assembly with superglue and priming with a paint suitable for plastic surfaces.


  • Model: SHOCKWYRM1_P
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