FAQs (LOGIN Problems)

Frequently Asked Questions And Problems


The most common problem with this is that you may have entered your email address incorrectly when you set up your Heresy Customer Account, the next most common is that your emails from Heresy are in your junk folder or are being bounced by your server.

If you think you have an account, and can't log in, email me and include your name and address and i will check to see if there is an account in your name. If there is one, i will amend th eemail address or change the password for you, and email you  on the new email address to let you know how to log in and change the password to a new one that you will remember.

Some servers/iSPs rejext emails from the shop outright dsespiute repeated attempts to whitelist the site. Comcast, for instance. Not a lot I can do there, except email you via a backup email address I have for that purpose...

2) You used to make a figure that you don't make any more. Can I buy one?

No, I don't make it any more. Makes it tricky. Probably it was a licensed one, or it was taken down due to IP lawyers being pissy over it tlooking too similar to something else, in which case I can't sell it any more for fear of being sued. Sorry.

3) Do you do private sculpting commissions?

No. Too busy, sorry.

4) Do you sell to trade?

Yes. Email me. Expect to buy in volume, or it's pointless.

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