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Farewell, My Minion...

Not one of the happy updates, but I pride myself in keeping you informed of all significant events rather than just the sales promos etc, and this will impact on the completion rate (just when we were about to break the back of the beast)

I'm sorry to announce that due to the ongoing poor day-to-day sales of Heresy, the money has officially run out. This has meant that I had to tell Dan, who joined me in December 2014 to help me get both the Dragon and The Kickstarter out, that I could no longer afford to pay him; he can't work for free, he's a real person, so from this point on it's back to just being me doing all the packing and casting and moulding and running the business and sculpting.  

This means in practical terms that it's going to be that much longer before I can get every last Kickstarter pledge out, and there will be delays to regular orders, too, but fear not, I am still working on them every day! I'll be organising my working week into casting days and packing days, so will be shipping less frequently but with more parcels than I could pack otherwise. Right now I've just completed making between 5 and 7 copies of every Azaroth mould needed, so will be able to get him cast up over the next month alongside my other moulding requirements (Madame's tentacles are next for production mould-making, then the Tunnel Dweller bits, then the Deathball ogres and cyclops and stuff).

I hope you'll continue to bear with me whilst I work my arse off even more than before, and to wish Dan well in whatever he chooses to do next. 

Right, back to packing stuff. I'll post a pic of the pile of Azaroth bits when It's time to start packing him.

If you want to help out Heresy, get some of your friends to buy some bits!

~ Andy



If you want to place an order for collection at Salute on the 16th, you can! It's easy - go to the site, log in to your customer account or register for one if you can (you can also checkout without one, and IIRC it will set an account up for you and generate a password and send you an email with info, check your junk folder) and place your order - then instead of using the Paypal button, just keep clicking CONTINUE so that you get to choose the Shipping Options. Select the option 'Store Pick-Up', and then in the 'Any Comments?' box on the cart, tell us that you want to pick up your order at Salute.

You will need to have placed your order by Monday night for safety, as next week is crazy mad work and we won't be able to process any orders after Tuesday due to the chaos in the workshop!

If you forget to pick up your order at Salute Andy will email you a Paypal invoice for the shipping needed to post it to you when we get back from the week off after the show.

PS We will be having a week off after the show. No orders will be sent out during that week.

Pre-Order Madame Ner'Gabba Now!

We are making and casting the amazing Madame kit for the Kickstarter backers, and as soon as we've cleared that small queue we will start sending out the pre-ordered ones!





The Waspquitoes are back!

Loads Of New Stuff! Maggotmen! Occulak! 32mm Bases! Magnets! Return of the Classic Heresy Monsters - Manbane the Minotaur, the Snow Troll and the Dungeon Troll!

See the New Stuff section for details!

20th November 2015

The Post-Dragon Era - Actual New Stuff! At Long Last!

Hello, Heretics!
Well, it’s been quite the month or two here at the Heresy Dungeon! (I’ll warn you now, there’s a lot of exclamation marks in the rest of this newsletter.)
Since the Dragon was at last slain and sent out to every last person on the queue (except for that half dozen people who I can’t seem to get in contact with: if that’s you, email us!) we’ve been piling into the ‘Return Of The Monsters’ Kickstarter work, with Andy frantically making multiple moulds and Dan The Minion learning how to cast resin. We’re about 25% of the way through all the Kickstarter pledges, and are now casting the Kickstarter-exclusive Netherlord Mk 1models for those backers who wanted them. The downside to all this frenzied work was that no new figures were out over the summer – but that has at long last changed!


Horrible, No, Seriously, Disgusting, Horrible Monsters

We’ve brought the first of the ‘Return Of The Monsters’ monster miniatures onto the cart, a long awaited return of some of the most popular ‘Classic’ Heresy monsters that used to be multi-part assembly nightmares in metal, but now in resin they’re an absolute joy to assemble and much nicer to paint, too! Andy has tweaked them here and there to improve fits, make details pop and basically make them even better than they used to be. Manbane The Minotaur (with Sir Roger The Lucky), the Snow Troll and the Dungeon Troll can all be ordered on the cart (may be subject to delay if we have to cast them up for you, this resin business takes a lot longer than metal miniatures production) in their splendid new resin forms, but that’s not all!
The first of the NEW figures funded by the Return Of The Monsters Kickstarter have also appeared and can be ordered! They are some of the disgusting servants of Madame Ner’Gabba (a beautifully grotesque Demon Lady model that will come to general release next year, see the Heresy Instagram page for WIP shots), namely Maggotmen and the first of the Occulak variant models. Andy is planning to finish writing the rules for his NetherHells game next year and they will be a big part of it. You can see them in the New Stuff section right now:
Andy is well aware of what the Occulak looks like, but finds it funny when people earnestly point it out to him as if he didn't notice whilst sculpting it, so feel free to be repulsed, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter to tell him. It's not even the *most* repulsive version planned (this was all by popular demand of Kickstarter backers, so blame them for egging Andy on with their money)

Magotmen are just one of the new packs available! Oh, dear lord, what IS it eating?!

New Bases! All Sort Of Sizes! With Magnets!

Also - and you won’t believe how excited Andy got over some small pieces of plastic – we now stock some new plastic base sizes! Not only 40mm square bases (Andy has been after these for years but could never source any) but 60mm round for those larger monsters or mech-suits that you may have, a massive 120mm by 90mm oval shaped base for tanks, Netherlords, dioramas and such like and some 32mm round bases for those of you who want to upgrade your armies’ base sizes but don’t want to pay as much as they’re charging on that wargaming company’s website! Yes, 32mm round bases at a much more agreeable price!
Not only all that, but all these new bases have pre-formed slots underneath to allow magnets to be glued in place, making transporting figures using a metal tool box or metal sheet-lined figure case (or a bit of wood with loads of screws in for the magnets to latch onto) that much easier – and you can opt to buy the magnets when you order the bases, so that you get exactly the amount you need for each base! Of course you can also order them separately in 10-pack or 50-pack quantities, too!


See Inside The Mind Of A Crazy Person

So that’s quite a wadge of stuff for you to get hold of – Trolls, Minotaur, Maggotmen, Occulak, magnets and bases, bases, bases! (Quite limited stocks of the larger bases as they were quite pricey to buy in from an overseas company compared to the UK supplier who provides the other bases that we sell, so don’t hang about if you want them.)
More news soon, but in the meantime, you might like to check out the Personal Blog that Andy has installed and will be updating whenever he has the chance between all the mouldmaking and sculpting he’s doing. It’s a look behind the curtain of an independent miniatures business, so be warned that it’s already been described as ‘Quite grim reading’, ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘depressing, that’ but Andy swears he’ll put some jokes and things in there as and when something funny happens that he thinks of (see his entry about Christmas Adverts for an example of his apparently unique way of thinking, it got almost 6 Likes on Facebook, which is better than almost 5.)

Last Shipping Dates For Christmas!

With Christmas upon us, get your orders in in plenty of time for us to cast any resin stuff that needs casting and still make the Last Shipping Dates provided by Royal mail. Choose Tracked & Signed or Special Delivery as the fastest option for getting your orders to you, standard shipping can get dodgy over Christmas and delays will be best avoided by choosing the express, insured shipping version available to your country. We even offset the extra cost when you choose T&S or Special by throwing in extra figures for you, so you don’t lose out! And now that it’s Christmas, we’ll be sending out Humbugs as usual, too. I might even have a small supply of Maltesers to send to those of you overseas who are missing out on them  (Voice of The Joker/Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker himself, actor Mark Hamill, said they’re his favourite UK food!) so watch out for a very limited stock of those appearing in the cart soon.
You can find the last shipping dates here:

Right, I think that’s enough exciting news for one newsletter, it’s time to be off to the post office with the orders from today. Have a great weekend, and remember to dive in and get those bases and figures before everyone else claims them!
More news soon! Have a great weekend!

Saturday 5th September 2015

With the dragon at last dead (see the link that says 'Andy's Blog' for more info) I can finally give my full attention to the Kickstarter models, which is what I am doing for the rest of the year - all of them need some tweaking and some loving to get them ready for resin moulding. (WIP pics are on the Instagram account, and also get posted on Facebook and Twitter, see links on the lefthand column of this page) I'm hoping to get them all out by Christmas if I can but it'll be a minor miracle at this rate - some of them need too much work and have slowed everything else down. Once they're finally all out of the way I'll be able to have some new releases at last, without the worry of the Dragon getting in the way!

Meanwhile order before September 18th and enter the Redemption Code THEDRAGONISDEAD to get 20% off any metal figures in your order!

Not That I Want To Upset You, But...

Royal Mail UK Last Post Dates For Christmas 2015:

Royal Mail UK: Last posting dates for Christmas Delivery 2015

These are the official dates that Royal Mail have given for posting parcels overseas, etc, for expected delivery in time for the 25th of December 2015. However, and as every year, I would suggest that you knock a week off those dates and make sure you get your orders in long before hand so as to avoid disappointment - international orders are especially prone to delays and things around that time of year and we have no control over parcels once they are posted! Also, be sure to pay for express, insured shipping to maximise your chance of the parcel arriving on time!

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