Last Posting Dates For Christmas 2018

Official Royal Mail UK Last Post Dates For Christmas 2018: Be CERTAIN that you pay for Tracked, Signed or preferably Tracked & Signed if it is available for your country (or Special Delivery for the UK) or you will realistically have little to no chance of your parcel turning up in time for Christmas. Get your orders in at least 3 working days before these dates for safety! Heresy has no control over your parcels once they are posted and you will be at the mercy of the postal service in both the UK and in your country!

CANADA: Sorry, Canucks, but Canada Post is broken! Your best chance of delivery is to pay for Tracked & Signed shipping, which is both an express service and trackable, and hope that this gets through your backlog, caused by strike action, new computer systems and all th eother problems it's had this year. Alternatively, you will need to use a courier service to bypass it. I normally use UPS at my end, and it will cost between £13 and £22 per parcel, unless you live in what they term a 'remote area' and which they charge me an extra £15 surcharge to deliver to, which i will have to pass on to you. Also you will likely have to pay a small customs clearance fee of around $6 to $10 per parcel. But it should arrive within a week or so! If you wish to use this, please contact me via email (shop@ [this web address]) with a list of what you want so I can pack and weigh it all and work out how much it wil cost for you.


Last Shipping Dates For Christmas 2018 Delivery


Royal Mail UK: Last posting dates for Christmas Delivery 2018, UK

UK orders: the last day that we will be shipping ANY orders is the 21st of December, at 9am. GET YOUR ORDER IN WELL BEFORE THEN. I'll be trying to take some time off over Christmas as I've only had around 9 days off this year and am determined to see my wife for once. It's been a hell of a year!

LET ME REPEAT IN CASE YOU DIDN"T READ THE FIRST BIT: These are the official dates that Royal Mail have given for posting parcels overseas, etc, for expected delivery in time for the 25th of December 2015. However, and as every year, I would suggest that you knock a week off those dates and make sure you get your orders in long beforehand so as to avoid disappointment - international orders are especially prone to delays and things around that time of year and we at Heresy have no control over the parcels once they are posted! Also, be sure to pay for express, insured shipping to maximise your chance of the parcel arriving on time!

Heresy Miniatures is currently planning to close on the 21st of December, returning January the 9th.  No orders will be shipped from the end of day on the 21st until my return in January. Please bear this in mind when you email angrily asking where your order is. There's only me (Andy) I need a break just as much as normal human beings do.