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Maggotmen are the tragic, sanity-blasted remnants of former heroes, adventurers, assassins, and as she saw it, would-be suitors of the demon known as Madam Ner'gabba. Her most favourite trick is to reward those who offend her, or delight her, or just happen to be standing there when the whim takes her, by mutating them into disgusting, writhing Maggotmen, one of her most prized 'Pretties' in the menagerie of horrors she keeps in her realm within the NetherHells. These poor creatures have an insatiable hunger and will eat anything and everything no matter how vile, in an attempt to stave it off, other than each other, it would seem. They can usually be found lairing in the bowels of a dungeon, often their chamber is linked to trapdoors scattered through the labyrinth of corridors and rooms above, and those who fall in find themselves ankle deep in a retch-inducing swamp of slime, ordure and rotting cadaver parts. Maggotmen also make great Space Mutants, Chaos Spawn or any other sort of repellent monster that you need in your games, from Weird West to Warhammer!

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