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3 Pack: Deathball Ogres
3 Pack: Deathball Ogres
£34.00  £25.00
Save: 26% off
£350.00  £300.00
Save: 14% off
Adventurer Party Deal (5 Figures)
Adventurer Party Deal (5 Figures)
£20.00  £16.00
Save: 20% off
NetherLord II (Winged Version)
NetherLord II (Winged Version)
£140.00  £115.00
Save: 18% off
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Kickstarter launching soon - make sure you're following Heresy on KS to get notified! This could be massive - will we get PLASTIC skeletons made?!

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The UK will definitely now be leaving the EU at the end of DECEMBER 2020. Probbly crashing out with no deal so that multi-millionaire Disaster Capitalists can make even more millions out of the ensuing chaos. Hurray! The remainder of this year may be the last chance for EU customers to order from Heresy without possibly incurring import duties and tax, depending on what Customs arrangements are eventually made for the transition period and after, and what limits are set on import levels in the event of us crashing out.  If it's anything like current arrangements with Australia, USA etc then most small boxed orders should avoid duties, etc, but we shall see. Best to order now to be safe!

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